BioWare’s New Mass Effect seems to set immediately after third game

BioWare mass effect game :

There were many disclosures of games and characters in the Recent Game Awards. This makes a great platform for companies and developers to reach their audiences.  BioWare also took this chance and revealed a new mass effect game with a teaser. Let’s see what’s new in this BioWare Mass effect game.

Wanna know why gamers are claiming it to be a prolongation of mass effect 3. Read further

What resemblance does it have with the previous BioWare effect game :

The gaming community couldn’t Keep calm as in November BioWare announced that they are developing a new game in mass effect legendary edition. As their goal was to modernize the previous game and now after watching the teaser fans are quick to notice this continuation of the game.

Space,  N7 armor dead reapers are enough for gaming enthusiasts for figuring out this unnamed mass effect is set immediately after third game.

What’s new in BioWare’s Mass effect legendary edition :

As information provided by BioWare itself, single-player gaming and DLC. All weapons are mastered for 4K ultra HD. Available in spring 2021. This game will be available for Xbox series X and Ps5.

What is the mass effect?

Mass effect is a military action based game. The play revolves around space soldier Shepard. The dialogue wheel in the game is the most looked out gaming character. It gives a reply option through a dialogue tree.

This game is one of the popular games among adults. As it merges the sci-fi genre with action and adventure. This Isobel of the most played games of 2020 till now.

Thus is so popular that BioWare has even launched the legendary edition of this game.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is most popular among this mass effect series. Set in galaxy andromeda. Player roles are Scot / Sara Ryder. Players had to find a new home for humanity.


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  • Bioware is all set to release new games in addition to their most popular game series
  • Bioware released the teaser on The Game Award
  • They have also launched a legendary edition in spring 2021.

Are you waiting for this new game launch?