Sephiroth the Final Fantasy veteran is coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate


Final Fantasy VII’s Sephiroth is coming to Super Smash Bros ultimate. He is added as a new fighter in the game. He will be joining the game this month. Nintendo added many great characters in the game Recently. And they are planning for more additions to smash bros.

For More Information about this newly added fighter of Nintendo. Read further.

Super Smash Bros ultimate :

  • This is the fifth game in the super smash Bros series.
  • Falls under the Fighting genre
  • Developed by Bandai Namco studios & sora Ltd.
  • And published by Nintendo
  • Played just like any other fighting game weakening opponents with your fighting skills will be your top priority.
  • Nintendo has added around 80 fighter characters from different games. Therefore it is more interesting to play.
  • Have millions of players worldwide.

Who is Sephiroth?

Nintendo is adding Sephiroth to this renowned game. So, who is he?
He is the greatest fighter in Final Fantasy VII. The main antagonist, an ultimate enemy whose mission is to rule the planet by being a god.

He is so strong that when the main characters of the game cloud strife defeated him. He couldn’t believe himself. Adding such a strong fighter in smash Bros will increase the game’s playing value. And make this game much more interesting.

Sephiroth joining super smash Bros ultimate
Sephiroth joins super smash Bros ultimate

Sephiroth coming to smash Bros ultimate:

As we all know time and again Nintendo is known for its character additions in this game. Nintendo chose characters for their audiences very well. There are dozens of fighting characters that are present in the game.

Nintendo Revealed this news and Trailer at The Game Award. Which is always a great platform for launching be it a new game or new characters. However, Sephiroth is not the only character that is added from Final Fantasy VII. Cloud, sora, Boss is also available.

You can get a fighter combo for $25. In which you can choose 5 fighting characters.


  • Sephiroth is the new character addition of Nintendo for super smash Bros ultimate.
  • He is one of the strongest characters in gaming
  • Nintendo made this announcement in The Game awards
  • Other Final Fantasy VII characters are present in the game along with sephiroth.

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