Bubonic Plague is not a threat?

Can bubonic plague be the next pandemic?

What is Bubonic Plague? Bubonic plague, which is one of the plague’s three forms, is a bacterial disease that spreads due to the fleas that live on wild rodents, in some cases found in china, marmots. The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that the disease can kill an adult in less than 24 hours if … Read more

How to do plant parenting?

You must have observed this rising trend of plant parenting posts in your socials. Every frequent post is about plant appreciation. But how did this trend come into existence? Let’s read further.  Plant Parenting  This trend revolves around bringing a plant home and caring and nurturing for it. This is just like having a pet … Read more

Let’s go green!

Go Green: It is not just a compulsion, it's a necessity

You might have heard the slogan of ‘Go Green’. But why is it so necessary? And what significance does it hold?Don’t worry, this article will give you factual points as to why it is not just a compulsion but the need of the hour. Go Green but, why? Since a very long time, humans have … Read more

Climate Change in India

Climate Change in india

People in India are suffering an increase in raging floods, uneven rainfall, melting of glaciers, heat waves. Although, climate isn’t new but, the havoc it has created in recent years is undeniably due to human activities. India is now recognizing the concept of climate change due to human induced changes.  Let’s read further to know … Read more

Water Quality in India

Water Quality in India: a major setback

With increase in human activities like industrialization, urbanization and expansion in population, environment suffers. India faces a major problem of water pollution. Due to this the quality of water and quantity of water, both are deteriorating. Further we will discuss various facts and challenges related to water quality in India, sustainability and immediate prioritization according to … Read more

World Ozone Day 2020

Theme- September 16 is the world ozone day. This year’s theme is ‘Ozone for life: 35 years of ozone layer protection’. The 35 years represent the years the Vienna Convention was held and the global response to the call for protection of ozone. The day was first celebrated on September 16, 1995 and reminds the … Read more

World Population Day 2020

World population day

World Population Day 2020 : 11 July is World population day, as of June 2020 current world population is 7.8 billion.This UN event focuses on the urgent response to the population issues.In conclusion, It relates the population issue with the environment and development. Currently the estimates indicate that approximately 83 million people are added to … Read more