How to do plant parenting?

You must have observed this rising trend of plant parenting posts in your socials. Every frequent post is about plant appreciation. But how did this trend come into existence? Let’s read further. 

Plant Parenting 

This trend revolves around bringing a plant home and caring and nurturing for it. This is just like having a pet but here extra care is involved. 

My journey as a plant parent

When I first decided to bring home a plant, I was in a turmoil as to which one to buy. I was pondering over whether I should order it online or go to a plant nursery. Fortunately, a plant vendor was passing by my hostel and I jumped at the opportunity. I brought Impatiens. The vendor patiently gave me instructions on how to water and put fertilizers in the plant. I found the perfect place for it by the window sill. Watering it daily and looking at it from my table provided me with peace. After a long day in college, their sight relaxed me. After successfully parenting a plant, I brought in more plants. And thus, I find solitude caring for these plants and being a parent to them.

Plant parenting: Not a new trend 

The keeping of indoor plants or indoor plants is not a new trend. You must have observed a lot of families keeping money plants in their homes. This connection with plants is very traditional. For medicinal purposes, people have for long been planting Tulsi at their homes. 

Tulsi in Indian households
Tulsi is a common houseplant in Indian households.

Why are houseplants so popular in plant parenting?

Nowadays, the trend of plant parenting has caught the social media fever. And it is even recommended to have a plant at home. A few reasons for its popularity are-

The trend on social media

    • The mention of houseplants is at an all time high. The millennial are not afraid to show their love towards their indoor plants. Whether it is in real life or in their feeds. A quick search on Ubersuggest shows the high trend of the word houseplants. This shows how many people are actually engaged in this topic. 
Ubersuggest on houseplants
A search on the trend of houseplants shows a high demand, all year around.

Plants and the human mind

    • Humans are naturally drawn towards their environment’s flora and fauna. This is why when in the presence of greenery we tend to feel more calm and composed. Thus keeping a plant in a place near you fills your day with positive thoughts. The good vibes make your day even more productive and enlighten your creative side. The well functioning mind also makes us indulge in better life decisions and we can solve our problems efficiently.
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Plants and our mind
There are plenty good effects of plants on human mind.

A purpose to engage us

    • Plants are mute pets who require as much care. But they are less maintenance. The daily act of giving water to the plant and engaging with it makes us cheerful. Thus, it provides us with a purpose of engaging more with the surroundings. It won’t quite be like the connection you feel when you are out in nature and surrounded by everything green. But, it would give us a sense of holding onto moments and living in the present. When we are pleased with ourselves, it reduces the chances of feeling low or depression. Thus, plant parenting helps our mental balance and takes out the stressors from our life.
Plant parenting and human mind
Plants help us in working in a good environment with less stressors.

Purifying the air

    • According to the studies done by NASA, it is a proven fact that indoor plants or houseplants indulge in cleaning the air. Plants with broader and greener leaves purify the air even better than small houseplants. Thus, adding more points towards plant parenting.
plant parenting and good air
Studies by NASA show cleaner air due to houseplants.

Adding aesthetic

    • For the purpose of decoration, people use houseplants. These are much cheaper forms of decoration material. These also add to our surrounding a sense of natural touch. Thus, making our surroundings more beautiful than ever.
Aesthetic: Plant parenting
Houseplants adding to the aesthetics in our surroundings.


Plants are an integral part of our life. When we engage more with the green, our mind takes time out from our busy life. This encourages us to be better and provides us with healthier thoughts. As you may know, plants live a longer life if cared for whole-heartedly. My parents, just like me, are very enthusiastic in plant parenting too. The plants in my own house have aged beautifully. There is a Cycas which is 20 years old almost as old as me. Whenever I look at it, it makes me remember all the memories I have had since my childhood. Its presence is precious in my life. Thus, with the plant you also grow. When one realizes that, they become more responsible. Therefore, caring for a plant gives us an idea of how we should also care about ourselves. 

How to start plant parenting?

Know you plant:

Make sure you search the type of houseplant you want beforehand. This will give you an idea of choosing the place for keeping your indoor plant.

Buy local:

Search up your local and nearby nurseries. You will be surprised by the sheer number of them. Try to choose places near you and at a walk-able distance. This way you can carry your saplings with you without the requirement of a vehicle for transportation.

Listen to instruction:

While buying a plant make sure to ask how many times to water it and how much fertilizer to use. This will be of help as in different seasons, the requirements of various plants changes.

Provide sunlight:

Find a place that has adequate sunlight and shade. This way your plant won’t dry out due to excess heat if you live in a hot place.

Personalize your plant:

Name the plant. Make it as personal as you can. By doing so, you make up a new friend and watch the plant with more care.

Becoming a plant parent

Keep in mind that with forming new relations comes responsibility. Thus, water them adequately and keep checking on them.

Let’s take the initiative to be better citizens of the world. Let’s do some plant parenting!

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