How Beerbiceps Offended Professional Pubg Streamers

On 29th June 2020 Indian government ban 59 Chinese app as a critical situation in Ladakh border after the violent face-off between Indian and Chinese armies. Some of the very popular applications like TikTok, share it, Camscanner included in this list. But the most popular and loved game ‘Pubg’s’ name is not mentioned in the list. After the announcement by the Indian government, the gamers’ world mainly ‘Pubg Community’ is very happy. Many popular celebrities, social media influencers even common citizens of India give their point of view on these social issues after the news came out. Among them ‘BeerBicepes’ aka Ranveer Allahbadia a YouTuber also a social influencer give his way out about these issues. That became ‘Beerbiceps PUBG controversy’.

Key “BeerBiceps Pubg Controversy”

On 2nd July 2020 ‘Beerbiceps’ posted on twitter about the ban of Chinese application and especially about ‘Pubg’. How people became more addicted, how people depend on this game, what is the result of this affection among the youth. He writes –“ If you’re celebrating #PUBG being saved as a personal victory, you’re:

-A teenager.

-Not fulfilling your potential in life.

-A video game shouldn’t be the center of your world if you’re a grown adult.

-Life is a true video game.

-And others are racing ahead of you, my friend”

Views of  Indian Online Gamer

But the game world doesn’t take his statement on the right way, As the result Indian online gamer ‘8bit_thug’, ‘Scout’,’Maxtern’,’Godnixon’ all bashing him for his statement. But his words and meaning something different he was actually told that if we are actually celebrating ‘Pubg’ as a personal victory then we must be a teenager or kid. Because in real life we have more real issues to solve. Life is much more than a video game. Also, a hardworking entrepreneur doesn’t celebrate unban ‘Pubg’ as a personal victory.



Today’s Youth and the relation With online Game

The youth invest lots of time into this game and waste valuable time. If people playing video games for chilling, or refreshing then it’s very good. But our youth spend most of the time on this. Also, this is the addiction to some of them.  Most of the youth don’t gain anything. But now a day people choose the online game as a profession. But the success in this field very less. So we can conclude this as a very uncertain field. Our youth doesn’t understand his words and trolling him this is how ‘BeerBiceps Pubg controversy’ creates.

Tweet exchange between ‘Carryminati’ and ‘BeerBiceps’

Later on, he also tweets another message to clear out things. He explains that he was only talking about addiction, not about the professional players.

One of the biggest social media influencer ‘ Carryminati’ who is also part of an online gaming community take a part of this ‘Beerbiceps Pubg Controversy’ and share his about this matter. He said –“Getting addicted to anything is bad, not just gaming. If you look at gaming from a different perspective, it teaches you many things. The bond gamers share is something beautiful. I’ll send you a look regarding this J”.

After this ‘Beerbiceps’ retweet and said- “Yup, completely agree . the message was about the addiction & obsession. Hasn’t been taken the right way”.

I should rewrite the tweet as: Gaming karni hai toh Karo. Maine bhi bohot gaming kari hai. But gaming ko addiction mat banao. Anything access is bad” .

After his tweet, several people tweet under these comments. Some people said don’t fight about his topic. Then ‘Carryminati’ gives an epic reply said “ Lol we are not fighting. This is a healthy discussion not “fighting”. He is a good friend of mine, we have these discussions all the time”. Ranveer Allahbadia ending this “Beerbiceps Pubg controversy” in a friendly term.  He said-“that’s why @carryminati is at top of the social media. 360-degree perspective. See you soon bro”.

My point of view on “BeerBicep Pubg Controversy”

Game is a fun thing. People should play the game to escape from the hardship of life. It is good for taking decisions and relaxing brains. But people especially youth careful about the consequences of addiction for anything, not only. Stay healthy keep your mind fresh.

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