Bard of blood
The series is based on the 2015 novel of the same name by Bilal Siddiqi.

Directed by Ribhu Dasgupta, it premiered on Netflix on 27 September 2019 starring Emraan Hashmi, Vineet Kumar Singh, Sobhita Dhulipala in the leading roles. Kirti Kulhari, Abhishek Khan, Jaideep Ahlawat, Shamaun Ahmed were also seen as supporting actors.

Blast from the past

Bard of blood
Bard of blood season 1 was liked by many. And the makers are working on Season 2

Season 1 revolves around Kabir Anand, an Ex RAW Agent played by Emraan who is roped in to rescue for Indian Agents back from Baluchistan. Which are held captive by Talibani terrorist group. Sobhita and Vineet are the two team members who helped Kabir in this mission. As the story goes ahead, we have been introduced to other characters and stakeholders of this journey. This series kept its audience spell bounded throughout its seven episodes.

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The narrative is prompt and quickly establishes the misty dynamics of terrorists’ vs spies. Where several organizations clash with each other over territorial dominance. The series is high on action and somewhat less on emotions. Hashmi’s straight face all through the arrangement makes his government agent look certain. But the real applause shall be given to Vineet Singh who was the best choice for his character’s role. Shobhita and Kirti did justice to their respective roles.

Two sides of a coin

One may wonder, where did we see this super-spy/cop in retirement who’s brought in again for the super delicate task? Pretty much every other movie!

As for viewers those who have consumed Amazon Prime or Netflix or any other content will not get as much thrill or satisfaction. As they are hoping for because there has been some exceptional content previously and this series is a level beneath from that. But there is this other audience which has just started watching such content. This has not much exposure to quality content and hence they might like the show.

The tone feels inconsistent throughout. On one hand, the series tries to launch itself as a grave spy-drama. But then it breaks character with redundant emotional moments that remind you of Border for some reason.


All things aside, great direction, thrill, and suspense are the major ingredients of the whole recipe. Cinematography is good and so is the location which is picturesque, the background music is decent and so is the editing.

There aren’t sufficient bluff holders as we anticipate from a surveillance spine chiller expected to have. However not everything the story has its own pace. Initially the pace isn’t consistent but as the show advances in its peak the show gets pace. The best part about this show is over the most recent 5 minutes which is a genuine stunner.

The movie was shot at Ladakh, Rajasthan, and Delhi but it will give you a proper feel of Baluchistan to its core. Despite serving as an adaptation of the novel, some elements have been changed from the source material for the purposes of television. Ardent fans of the novel may observe some changes including the ending which was altered in the expectations of appearing to a global audience.

The TV series has also engrossed criticism from some viewers and critics leading author Siddiqui to defend the show as a “fictional narrative”.

Expectations from Season 2

Same as Season 1, the second season was expected to air in September 2020, but due to the current scenario encompassing COVID-19. Everything has been delayed. Red Chillies Entertainment and Netflix will be observing at the viewing figures before announcing any decisions.

The second season will just have the reference to the novel and will have its own unique content. The following season is accepted to wander in another region. There are numerous prospects about the plot of Anand well on the way. To set out on another crucial adjusting his life as an instructor with knowledge usable.

For its first season, it got a lot of attention from the audience, and the ratings of the show were also pretty decent. These two things are what Netflix wants from their show, and The Bard of Blood has perhaps delivered it. But again, this will depend on the direction the writers want to take with the story. If they want to do something different in season two. Author Siddiqui, who worked on the first run could also be returning to devise a new story for Bard of Blood.

The major cast from the first season is likely to return, which consists of Emraan Hashmi as Kabir Anand/ Adonis. Vineet Kumar Singh as Veere Singh, Sobhita Dhulipala as Isha Khanna et al.

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