JK rowling announces her new release Ickabog


The Ickabog

In this time when the whole world is under lock down and is in search of entertainment sources. The famous Harry Potter author J.K Rowling is all set for publishing his new fairytail named “The Ickabog”. Which will be a free to read content over its official website. And will be published in installments.

Release and Reveal

The Ickabog
The famous Harry Potter author J K Rowling is coming with a new child fiction Ickabog.

On Tuesday Rowling announced that this fairytale was written over a decade ago for her children as a bedtime story.She informed that this book was written by her during the period when she was writing ‘Harry Potter and the deathly hollows’. It is her first children book that is not set in the Harry Potter universe.

She also announced that Between 26 May and 10 July 2020, the book will be released in 34 daily installments. Of these 34 daily installments 2 chapters were released on 26 May and on 27 May the next three chapters were also released.

After the release of all the installments, the book is estimated to release in September 2020. And the release would be in multiple forms like e-book, published book as well as audiobook. Rowling also organised a competition, for giving the ideas of the images for the book. From which the images with best ideas will be published in the official book. And all the earnings from this book will be given to Charity.

Chapters so far and more….

  • King Fred and the Fearless
  • The Ickabog
  • Death of a seamstress
  • The quiet house
  • Daisy Dovetail
  • The fight in the courtyard
  • Lord Spittleworth tells tales
  • Day of petition

The the upcoming chapters would be published everyday. After the author’s famous adult fiction series Harry Potter. She informed that this story is set in another imaginary land. And is not at related to her older stories and is not a spin-off from Harry Potter series.

The success of Rowling and Harry Potter Series

She is best known for his fantasy novel “Harry Potter” which is one of the worlds most loved novels of all time. The fantasy series has won thousands of awards across the globe. Rowling sold more than 500 million copies of the novel, making it the best-selling book series in history.

Later, Warner Bros. production made a movie series over the book. As of 2015, the Harry Potter series is the second-highest grossing film franchise of all time. Its eight films have grossed more than $7.7 billion worldwide. One can estimate its popularity by just a fact that the book was translated in 68 languages.

The Hype is real

Expectations from Ickabog is similar as Rowlings fans have started to make hype about the book. Many have also said that the novel can also be the script of an forthcoming fantasy world sensation.

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