Beijing cannot be allowed to export its authoritarian governance

Beijing cannot be allowed to export its authoritarian governance model to Hong Kong. Mike Pompeo the US Secretary of State posted this on twitter Sunday, August 2, 2020. He also stated that the Chinese Communist Party will likely not stop attempted to spread its government and control. Pompeo post is a response Beijing implementing its controversial national security law in Hong Kong. The implementation of this law has worried many individuals and organizations. Indeed, the New York Times earlier this year announced they are moving part of their office out of Hong Kong. This was also a response to this anti-secession legislation that Hong Kong’s allies are allowing Beijing to export to her.

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The law Beijing has been allowed to exports to Hong Kong is particularly tyrannical. Specifically, is quite broad and how it defines the terms secession, subversion, terrorism, and foreign influence. Indeed, the terminology used in the law is only seeing in a few other countries in the world today. Additionally, terminology includes an action that most countries in the world not consider treasonous actions. This is what this draconian law Beijing exporting to Hong Kong essentially is saying without actually using the word. This law is already starting to affect the society and freedom of the former British colony.

Specifically, Hong Kong authorities are now seeking six citizens accused of breaking the law. The six individuals include the noted activist Nathan Law Kwun-chung who if caught could face life in prison. The Hong Kong authorities who allowed Beijing implement the law also wish to arrest members of the Hong Kong democracy Council. Fortunately, for the future Hong Kong, this organization is based out of the US where most of its members reside. Beijing is exporting this law not to increase the security of Hong Kong, but rather to eliminate a threat. In Communist China Hong Kong has long been considered a bastion  of free speech. If Beijing has its way soon it will fall, perhaps the first casualty in the growing unrest between China and the world.

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