Indians build AI tool to convert media into cartoon

Artificial Intelligence(AI) always has something new to offer. Developers have made technology a lot easier since the evolution of AI. It helps the army control ships and even makes day-to-day lives for the common people easier. AI has truly taken deep resort in different sectors of the market. Yet another example of AI enhancing technology has been developed by Tejas Mahajan and Neeraj Pandkar. These two Indian developers have developed an AI tool- Cartoonizer- that lets you convert media into a cartoon.

The making of Cartoonizer

Cartoonizer is essentially an AI tool that can convert any video or image into a cartoon using an AI algorithm. The two Indian developers sought the help of researchers at the University of Tokyo- Shinrui Wang and Jinjue Yu- and built the tool using their research papers. The two of them also ably used the papers’ open-source office implementation and received due credit of their work by the authors of GitHub.

Neeraj Pandkar used some of his own videos to test the tool’s efficiency and successfully obtained an animated version of himself. He also converted an Avengers scene to test the tool. Here is the link of the same.

AVENGERS BAR SCENE [Cartoonized Version]

How to use Cartoonizer?

Cartoonizer can help you to easily convert media into a cartoon, be it videos or images. However, you need to keep in mind certain things to ensure a quick and smooth conversion.

While converting a video, ensure that the video does not exceed a duration of 10 seconds and is not more than 30 MB.

To convert an image, remember that the tool only accepts.JPG and.PNG files.

The tool can also be used to generate minimal artwork footage and might aid graphic designers and animators in their work.

How Cartoonizer’s being received?

Many users have pointed out that Cartoonizer’s pretty easy to use. You just need to keep in mind the video size and image properties and voila! You have an animated version of yourself.

TNW is also praising the tool in their report. They said, “Cartoonizer additionally works fairly properly on individuals of shade.”

The developers of the tool have also specified that the tool is a preliminary model of the AI instrument, as of now. They also mentioned that it can also be used to churn out quick prototypes of video games and animes.


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