Duplichecker is arguably one of the best free online plagiarism checker tools currently available. Most internet users do not know that duplicating someone else’s written content, photos, music, or videos without due credit to the original creator is both legally and morally wrong. Copyright laws generally protect intellectual property in most legal jurisdictions.
Plagiarism checkers or detectors have come to solve the problem of plagiarism. They vigorously search for any trace of copied content online. Duplichecker is one of such Plagiarism checker. It detects online plagiarism and informs you of its location. Online plagiarism checkers also reveals what content and how much of it is duplicated.


The New Webster’s Dictionary of the English language clearly defines plagiarism as, “To use and pass off (someone else’s ideas, inventions, writings, etc.) as one’s own… To take another’s writings etc. and pass them off as one’s own.”
In essence, it means using someone’s intellectual work and presenting it as yours. Although most internet users do not consider it a crime, it is intellectual dishonesty and theft. Legally, it is either a criminal or civil offense with legal consequences. This is because it infringes on the copyright laws of many jurisdictions. Within academic circles, plagiarism reveals a high level of insincerity with harsh consequences.
Importantly, Google spiders find it particularly difficult to distinguish which is the original piece. Most especially when the plagiarist copies your content verbatim or rephrases some of it. Unfortunately, Google spiders will categorize both the original and the duplicate under the same level. This will affect its optimization under SEO engines. Online plagiarism checkers detect and notify users of any similarity or duplication of the item in check.
A quite reliable online software that helps content creators tackle plagiarism is Duplichecker.


It is a plagiarism checker software that detects duplicated content. It searches the internet for sameness or similarities in sentences, phrases, or paragraphs to the searched content. Duplichecker identifies and directs you to external online sites and URLs that have similar content.


  •  Duplichecker is free! Whereas most plagiarism checker software is not
  • It does not require an account opening or registration.
  • It is compatible with different file types such as .pdf, .docx, .txt, .odt, and many more.
  • Even after you publish your content, you can still retrieve it and check for plagiarism through its URL.
  • Duplichecker is ideal for small scale businesses with low content volume.


  • It has a word count limit of 1,000 words per search. This is disadvantageous to contents with 1000 words and above. However, you may break up your text into blocks of 1,000-word to have it checked. This is not only time consuming but inconveniencing.
  • Searching for plagiarized content through URL may unintentionally format the content.
  • Duplichecker’s check results are not completely accurate. It oddly skips some plagiarized content online. However, if you compare it to other free online plagiarism sites, it is better.
  • It has way too many ads which makes it clumsy and annoying to use.
Duplichecker with ads



  • First, you have to proceed to your browser and type, or enter
  • Add your content. You can upload your content through the Choose File button. You can easily Copy and Paste your content directly into the search box. The maximum number of words is 1000 per search. Alternatively, you can also input the URL of the content you intend to check through the Check Plagiarism via the   Webpage URL button.

Duplichecker: Add your content

Duplichecker “add content” without ads
  • Then click on Check Plagiarism. Assess your scores.
  • Duplichecker will display a report of your search. It displays the results of searches conducted in percentages (%). If Duplichecker finds no match, it will display No Plagiarism Detected!
  • Also, Duplichecker displays the source of plagiarized content.
  • Make a check of how much content is plagiarized by Clicking, Compare Results.

• If Duplichecker has detected plagiarism in your work, don’t worry, it has a Paraphrasing Tool to aid you.
• You can definitely rewrite the offending content. Duplichecker has an Article Rewriting tool for this.
• Where someone else plagiarized your content, you can contact the site owner or admin and demand for it to be removed. If your content is copyrighted, you could issue a cease and desist letter—or threaten legal action.



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