Best Shows Like Euphoria; Series You’ll Love to Watch

Shows Like Euphoria is a television series that will allow you to realize what teenagers are going through. It might not be applicable to everyone, but I’m sure that someone is going through the same experience. Have you watched the television series Euphoria? Or do you like watching movies or series that tells about a teenager’s life? Then, you clicked on the right page. I have listed below some of the best shows like Euphoria. And if you haven’t watched any of them, this is the right time to watch. The Shows Like Euphoria are TV series that might ease your boredom in this time of the pandemic.

What Is Euphoria?

Euphoria is an American television series that shows what the young generation is going through. Besides, Euphoria focuses on the life of a group of high school students. It tells how they cope up with their experiences in sex, drugs, identity, relationships, social media, and trauma.

The euphoria series started when Rue Bennet came out from rehab because of a drug overdose. However, instead of adapting the normal life in a positive way, she immediately buys more drugs from her friend. On the other hand, while Jules is taking her summer class, Kate invited her to a party. Chris Mckay, a popular college football player will be the host. But, Jules still declined the invitation of Kat. Instead, she chose to meet up with an older man she met on a dating app. It was later revealed that the man is Nate’s father. Because Jules lied about her age, they both have sex.

Afterward, she attended the party. On the other hand, when Rue went home late, her mother demands her to take a drug test. However, Rue used the urine of her friend Lexi so that she will pass the test. At the party, while Mckay and Nate are discussing the sexual life of Cassie, Mckay revealed that she is dating her. Likewise, Nate’s ex-girlfriend wants to make him jealous, so she had sex with Tyler. Moreover, Nate continues to harass her which annoyed Jules, and left the party with Rue.

The Creators

Euphoria is an adaptation from Israeli ministries of the same name. Sam Levinson is the creator and writer of the television series, Euphoria. It premiered on June 16, 2019, in HBO. The first season of Euphoria has 8 episodes which ended last,,. The good news is Euphoria Season 2 is already renewed.

Who are the Casts?

Rue Bennet (Zendaya )- She is the protagonist in the Euphoria TV series. Also, she is dealing with her drug addiction recovery. But she finds it difficult because of her environment. Besides, she is struggling in fitting herself in this world.

Lexi Howard ( Maude Apatow)– She is the best friend of Rue and Cassie’s younger sister.

Fez O’Neill (Angus Cloud)- He is a local drug dealer and whom Rue always run to when she wants to take drugs.

Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elorde)- He is a high school athlete. And he usually covers his sexual desires by his anger.

Cal Jacobs (Eric Dane)- He is the father of Nate, and keeps secrets from his family. Besides, his complex character has affected Nate’s behavior.

Maddy Perez (Alexa Demie)- She is the on and off girlfriend of Nate.

Kat Hernandez (Barbie Ferreira)- She portrays the role of a teenager who explores her sexuality and overly conscious on her figure.

Jules Vaughn (Hunter Schafer)- She is a new student in town and became friends with Rue. Likewise, she is a transgender.
Cassie Howard (Sydney Sweeney)- Cassie the older sister of Lexi and Mckay’s girlfriend. Also, she has sexual issues that have is affecting her character and personality.

The Best Shows Like Euphoria

In case you love watching the show like Euphoria, I have listed here some of the best shows like Euphoria. It will either bring back high school memories or entertain your life.


Skin series is closest to the theme of Euphoria. It was very honest is showing the issues that teenagers are going through. Although some of the scenes are quite over, Skin still gave justice to the puberty stage.

Moreover, Skins is a British TV series, and its genre is teen, comedy-drama. It follows the lives of teenagers living in Bristol South West, England. Each episode of the series shows the difficulties they encounter in their lives. Besides, they deal with family problems, mental illness such as depression, stress, eating disorder, and bipolar disorder. Likewise, the show is about gender identity, sexuality, drugs, death, and bullying.

Palo Alto

Palo Alto is the name of a wealthy place where teenagers explore their teenage lives. It is similar to Euphoria because it deals with issues like flirting, family, alcohol, friendship, relationships, and sex. As these kids explore their puberty stage, they lack family support or a role model. And, they are not aware of their importance.

Furthermore, the storyline of Palo Alto has darkness or weakness, but each character has beautifully portrayed a realistic situation. The sweetness, the struggles, and the survival are all part of the teenage years. And Palo Alto series successfully show.

Odd Girl Out

This series revolves around school conflict and bullying. It is about a teenager who suffered bullying from her former friends. This started when they learned that she has a crush on a boy who is also the crush of a famous girl in their school. In addition, it shows how school officials handle bullying problems.

Besides, the parent’s role in handling their teenagers’ problems in school has a big impact. It helps the kids to improve their confidence and fight for their rights.

Recovery Road

Recovery Road is based on the adult novel of the same name. It is an American drama series that focuses on the life of Maddie. She is a teenager dealing with her drug addiction. Besides, she needs to make a difficult decision if she will enter rehab and join other recovering addicts. And, she has to deal with teenage pressure.

Thus, Recovery Road is a show like Euphoria because of Maddie’s struggle with her drug and alcohol addiction just like Rue. Both girls have to fight against themselves when they are not influenced by drugs or alcohol. But they both have big hearts in dealing with their problem.


Baby is another teenage drama show like Euphoria. It is one of the most controversial series because of some scenes. It shows the story of two Italian girls who want to travel and shop around Europe. They are Chiara and Ludovica. However, to support their luxury trip and expenses, they enter into underground, high-end prostitution.

Likewise, Baby is a show like Euphoria because it is set in a high school. Despite Chiara coming from a wealthy family, she became bored and explored prostitution with Ludovica. This is where she met Damiano, a son of a senator, and hides her secret. It has already 2 seasons with the third season coming this September 2020.

My So-Called Life

Just like Euphoria, My So-Called Life shows the lives of a group of teenagers in Liberty High School near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Also, they deal with drugs, alcohol, sex, sexual identity, and relationship issues. The show allowed its viewers to understand what teenagers are going through. And it is a natural part of being a teenager.
In addition, the creators of My So-Called Life are Winnie Holzman and Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz as the producers. The show premiered in August 1994 and ended in May 1995 with only 1 season.

13 Reasons Why

This series has been very honest in portraying the issues of young people. These are issues that led to suicide because of different reasons.

The series is an adaptation from the novel of the same name. Jay Asher is the writer of the novel until Brian Yorkey adapted for Netflix.

The series centers on the life of a teenager Hannah, who committed suicide and the role of Jay Jensen. It started when Jay received a parcel with cassette tapes which Hannah recorded. She narrated on the tapes the 13 Reasons why she committed suicide. While he listens to the tapes, he grieves a lot for the loss of her crush and best friend.


Skam is a Norwegian teen drama series. It follows the lives of teenagers at Hartvig Nissen School in West End Oslo. Skam is a show like Euphoria because each episode shows the main character’s life. In which each episode focuses on a particular topic. These are relationship difficulties, identity crisis, sexuality mental health issues, religion, and forbidden love.

Likewise, this series received high ratings from its viewers and critics. This is because it successfully delivers important issues among teenagers. Also, it caught the attention of viewers from other countries such as Denmark and Sweden.

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Actually, there are more shows like Euphoria, but the shows listed above have received the highest similarities from the fans. Likewise, these shows will allow you to further understand the problems of the young generation.

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