Sony WF-SP800N Headphones Are Here With All New Features

Sony recently launched there premium earbuds varity Sony WF-SP800N headphones. These are the modified version of earlier launched earbuds by Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds. Sony in their earkier launched product could not provide water resistance and thus back with the new beast.

Sony WF-SP800N Headphones are the completely wather resistance in ear product by Sony with many more advanced features. The device is truely noise canceling with a number of sensors which can identify your sorroundings and adjust voulume according to them.

The earbuds come with an extra base and quality sound. It can easily over powered any other ear buds in the market while it comes to the sound quality. Sony keeping up with thier brand tradition keep the product asured the quality with a promise of maximum features.

The newly launched earbuds by Sony are indeed few of the most powerfull devices available int he market with a house of battery back-up. It gives users a 24 hour battery support while 18 hour minimum playback support. The device comes in a trendy ear buds container with fast charge.

The water reastancy makes it one of the best in the market with maximum durability and rough use. Users can use these earplugs anywhere and everywhere they want without care much about manintanence.

Sony WF-SP800N headphones
The new launched water resistance earbuds from Sony

Sony WF-SP800N has an inbuilt Google assistant and Alexa support with stable bluetooth connectivity. The ear buds are easy to use and are available in 2 sizes taking care of the perfect fit.These are sleek in size and fit perfectly to your ear. And make sure you get a comfortable wear for long whereever you are.

These earbuds are very rsponsive to touch and and give you a truely handsfree feel. Sony WF-SP800N made hits the market with all the assured quality by the brand.

The pair of earbuds are quite expensive with a price tag of $349. If you are searching for a high end premium product in this budget segment than definately this are the right choice for you.

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