Big Tech faces trouble if Biden wins according to recent report

A report detailing the abuse of power by Big Tech companies suggests a hard road ahead if Joe Biden were to win the White House. In addition, new rules and stricter enforcement for Big Tech would be in place should the Democratic presidential candidate win against current President Donald Trump.

Recently antitrust experts stated that the nearly five hundred page report from the antitrust panel of the House Judiciary Committee lays out a road map for the Democratic Party. This map involves putting the stop on the dominance of Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook. The report was released on Tuesday.

The November 3rd election approaches fast. Action on the report’s recommendation is unlikely, since no new legislative changes are imminent. Findings however, boost the chances for new laws related to Big Tech in the future. Existing investigations are informed against large technology companies by state attorneys and agencies like the Federal Trade Commission.

Reports Reflect Democratic Agenda for Big Tech

This report reflects the views of Democrats on the antitrust subcommittee. Republicans on the panel released two separate reports on this investigation. David Cicilline, US Representative and chairman of the House antitrust panel, said in an interview this past Wednesday that he thinks a Biden administration would be receptive to the report. “He has talked about how Big tech platforms abuse their power,” said Cicilline, “He recognizes that this sort of economic concentration undermines democracy.”

Additionally, executive director of the American Economic Liberties Project Sarah Miller said the report “lays out the Democratic Party’s position on tech platforms and how antitrust laws need to be refined and strengthened.” She added “The report has done a lot of work to set up where and why a Biden administration would act and how it should prioritize the recommendations in the report.” Miller acts as one of the hundreds of members of the Biden campaign’s tech policy committee.

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