Bill Gates says big tech companies deserve scrutiny from the government

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said various important things. This things were said in a podcast with Dax Shepard. One of the many things he said was the big companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, etc should asked rude, unfair and tough questions.

!!Bill Gates in podcast with Dax Shepard!!

Bill Gates said that the government has the right to have a close eyes on each business. They also have the right to question about certain things which they think are fishy. The companies can not complain about any questions. The companies should also not feel bad about the questions being asked to them by the government.

On July 29, tech giants faced a congressional antitrust meeting. As per reports, Antitrust law is supposed to ensure market competition at a time when the tech bigwigs are being accused of monopoly power. Gates expressed his personal shortcomings saying that he was not very sociable. He also praised late co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs. He called Steve as a wizard.

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Gates expressed his personal shortcomings saying that he was not very sociable. He said “I’m not that great socially, I don’t know how to cook and I’m very embarrassed I don’t speak any languages fluently”.

Other News about Microsoft…

Some other news, Microsoft is seen backing Epic Games. This backing is after the on going issue between Apple and Epic Games. This issue of In-app purchase systems. The issue was taken to court after Apple took down the Fortnite game from its devices. Microsoft uses the same graphics technology known as Unreal Engine for games developed for consoles, PCs and mobile devices.

Microsoft has been upset with Apple’s rules preventing Microsoft’s Xbox gaming unit from releasing a cloud-gaming service that works with iPads and iPhones. Microsoft’s xCloud service will launch on September 15 with compatibility to Android devices only.

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