Sushant Singh Death Case: A sneak peak till now

Sushant Singh Death case seems not as easy as it has shown. Sushant Singh Rajput found dead in his Mumbai residence on June 14 this year. Actor’s hanging body discovered in his room in the very morning. Mumbai Police after post-mortem declared it as suicide while saying that SSR took the drastic step out of depression.

Social media got crazy over the death of one of the promising actor in recent time. It was heartbreaking for millions of his fan. Fans targeted Bollywood big names for the uncertain demise of the talented actor. From director Karan Johar to Alia Bhat a number of film Fraternities were being trolled hugely for being the reason of the uncertain demise.

The Bollywood heartthrob

Case filed against many from the Bollywood. Family and friends demand for a proper investigation as they believe it can’t be a suicide but murder. Sushant Singh death case now take a U-turn soon after Supreme court handed over the case to CBI. Rhea Chakraborty who apparently was in a relationship with the actor become one of the main suspect along with others.

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CBI now in the charge of the case and they are interrogating everyone related to the case, from Rhea to the servants of SSR. Many new pages are turning over with the interrogation and the case is getting complicated with time.

Fans and family of late actor are demanding for a proper investigation and justice to the late actor. #Justice for Sushant is in trend in the social media platforms. Nation hope for a quick action against the culprits.

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