Prince From Brandy’s ‘Cinderella’ Credits Whitney Houston for 1997 Musical’s Diverse Cast

Cinderella Credits Whitney Houston for its 1997 Success:

Prince from Cinderella Credits Whitney Houston for its Diverse cast and eventual success.

Unless you are living under the rocks, you might know, heard, and scene Cinderella on TV. Disney’s princess movies are something we associate with when we recollect our sweet childhood memories. Being one of the most popular movies, Disney has remake this movie several times. But Cinderella (1997) is something unique and unforgettable. No one can take it from this movie. So why this movie is said to be unique, and why its cast credits Whitney Houston for this immense popularity. Let’s take a look.

Cinderella (1997) cast :

  • Brandy – As Cinderella
  • Whitney Houston- As Fairy Godmother
  • Paolo Montalban – As Prince Christopher
  • Jason Alexander – As Lionel
  • Bernadette peters – As the stepmother
  • Whoopi Goldberg – As Queen Constantina

And many more……

Cinderella ( 1997) Credits Whitney Houston
Cinderella Credits Whitney Houston

Yes, you read it right Whitney Houston played the role of Fairy Godmother in this musical. You can only imagine her vocal power. Mentioning cast here was important here because that’s what makes this Musical/ movie unique. Because this cast was so culturally diverse and the audience wanted more cast like this.  Brandy was the first black princess for Disney. And she surely paved the path for girls who are discriminated against based on their color and ethnicity. Moreover, Prince Christopher is also played by paolo Montalban who is an American actor of Phllippinian ethnicity.

It is said that the titular role was originally offered to Whitney, but she suggested brandy for this role then teen. Well, who doesn’t want a fairy godmother like her in life.

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Why Prince of Cinderella Credits Whitney Houston?

Whitney Houston was one of the producers of this diverse musical, if she hasn’t initiated this idea of casting these members it wouldn’t be possible for this movie to gain such attention. It’s been more than 2 decades and this unforgettable movie still has a huge fan base.

Where to watch Cinderella (1997) :

Now available on Disney+ for streaming. It had been possible after lots of petitions and tweets this movie was not available on any streaming site till Friday. But now you can watch it on Disney plus.

Watch Cinderella (1997) teaser here.

And tell which Cinderella you like better Cinderella (1997) vs Cinderella (2015)?

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