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Broadband connection

Currently, due to the Pandemic of COVID-19. Work from home is the only way to keep our work going on. Also, students are provided with online classes or lectures.

Maintaining the social distancing strategy is a must. Therefore to keep the work going on we have to use the online platform. For video conferencing facility.

To make the online platform work all we need is a good internet connection. That is what we also call it as a broadband connection.

Here, are some of the plans by the broadband connection providing companies under RS.1000.

Broadband plans under Rs1000

  • BSNL Rs.499 Fibro 100 GB Plan 

The plan includes the first 100 MB data at the speed of 20Mbps. Also, after the first 100 MB, the speed will be reduced to 2Mbps. In addition, users are also getting an unlimited service of free local or STD calls.

  • BSNL Rs.749 300 GB Plan

The plan offers first 300 GB of the Data at the speed of 50 Mbps and later unlimited data at a reduced speed of 2 Mbps. Also, the free calling service to any network is provided to the customers.

  • BSNL Rs.849 600 GB plan. 

The plan first 600 GB of the data at a speed of 50 Mbps after which unlimited data at 2 Mbps. Also, free calling facility to any network.

  • Airtel Broadband Basic Plan @ Rs.799

The plan offers the first 150 GB data at a high speed of 100 Mbps. Along, with the data rollover option, which means it can be carried to the next cycle. In addition, users will also get local and STF calling facility.

  • Airtel Entertainment Plan @ Rs.999

In this plan first, 300 GB of the data will be available at a high speed of 200 Mbps. This plan also has a rollover advantage. Also, local or STD calling is available. Along with OTT subscriptions.

  • Tata Sky Broadband Rs.790: Fixed GB plan

The plan provides 150 GB data at a speed of 50 Mbps. Data rollover option is available here also.

  • Tata sky unlimited plan at Rs. 950 

The plan provides the users as unlimited data with a limit of 1500GB.

  • Jio Fiber Bronze Plan @ RRs.699the plan 

The plan provides the users with 100 GB data + 100 GB data for new customers for the first six months. Also, an additional 100 GB data as work from home offer. Additionally, includes local or STD calling and even OTT subscriptions.

  • Jio Finer Rs.849 Silver Plan 

The plan provides 200 GB data at 100 Mbps. Along with 200 GB data for the first six months. Also an extra 200 GB as work from home offer. Plus, OTT subscriptions and local or STD calling service.

  • Fibernet Rs. 799 Silver Promo plan

The plan provides first 50p GB data at 100 Mbps speed. Also, an additional 1000 GB data at a reduced speed of 512kbps.

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