PlayerUnknowns Battleground (PUBG) Is an online gaming application. It is a royal battle game. Which is developed and introduced by the PUBG Corporation.

Though, A south Korean gaming company have introduced PUBG. But, today it is famous throughout. The game was first released only for Microsoft Windows. It was only launched for the windows users in march 2017.

Later when it gained popularity. It was fully released in December 2017. Also, a free to play version of the game for android users and iOS users was introduced in 2018.

Though, PlayingUnknowns Battlegrounds is one of the best selling video games and video games with one of the highest active users. But also, it also has disadvantages of its own, as it is also a very addictive game.

PUBG Mobile Launches In-Game Donation to Raise Funds for COVID-19 Relief

The Game has introduced it’s in Game Campaign for the current Pendamic of COVID-19. The campaign was started to gain some funds and contribute it for good.

The campaign is a part of PUBG Mobile’s “play for good”. Also, little campaigns bring a positive impact on society.

The press released,” The campaign is calling out a slogan of ‘Play As One’ to encourage 600 million PUBG mobile players worldwide to team up and play for the same goal for one world, facing the global challenge together.”

The in Game campaign introduced by the game is only for a limited number of days that is from 15th July to 28th July 2020.

Players are free to donate as per their wish with the help of the online payment systems. The amount was totally up to people.

The company stated,” A server-wid3 milestone tracker starting with PUBG Mobile’s official donation of $1million, will be increasing incrementally as players running more distance in-game. The final amount of donation is to be revealed once reaching the final; server-side milestones.”

Eventually, it was a donation for a good cause. So, it was a good step for the company.

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