Chai Sutta Bar Kanpur: Cuddle with Kulhad Chai

Chai Sutta Bar Kanpur imagines making chai more the go-to drink for all Indians. Chai Sutta Bar has opened 200 outlets across India to take into account the developing requests for Hygienic tea. The basic point is to trigger peoples that taste buds that have never been touched. And Chai even more popular in its own unique style.

Special Concept

We are not kidding about the current circumstance of waste pollution. In this manner, CSB serves chai to clients in a Kulhad. Since Kulhad is biodegradable hence helps in spreading awareness for not using plastic.

Incredible Taste

Chai is fun and delicious since it makes a point to utilize just top-quality milk. Additionally, the different flavors used for the chai are of unrivaled quality. The Key uniqueness of Chai Sutta Bar Kanpur is its mesmerizing taste.

Limiting Smoking

They need to deal with clients and mean just well. Along these lines, at Chai Sutta Bar Kanpur, smoking is restricted.

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Horde of Choices

Be it elaichi or masala chai, we have everything. With regards to alternatives, you will be spoilt for decisions. At Chai Sutta Bar Kanpur, there is chai for each state of mind.

At Chai Sutta Bar, you will receive a wide range of chai:

Chai Sutta Bar Kanpur

  • Chocolate
  • Adrak
  • Rose
  • Elaichi
  • Paan to Kesar
  • Masala
  • Lemon
  • Tulsi

At Chai Sutta Bar Kanpur outlet. They have different chai for different moods.


We accept we should all be liable for our demonstrations with regards to our current circumstance. Along these lines, we go to each length to do our part and keep the climate clean.

Extraordinary Ambiance

You will appreciate the feel at our Chai Sutta bar Kanpur. We have the best playlist that will keep you engaged and add to your awesome experience. The ambiance provided gives a very good atmosphere to capture the moments spent in one’s memory.


Jagdish M – “Nice place to visit, a lot of youngsters visit this place, This is a small place that offers a variety of flavored tea and coffee. Unique in itself and a nice place to visit.”

Vinsach – “good place, it’s famous just for serving tea in a Kullad. also crowd here is full of students making it a happening place.”

Ayush – “We went to the branch of Chai sutta bar. It is always crowded with students who gather with friends to enjoy the tea. There are many flavors of tea and coffee available here. Notable are masala tea, elaichi, paan tea. Just good to sensitize the taste buds.”

Types of Coffee at Chai Sutta Bar:

At the Chai Sutta Bar outlet at Kanpur, you will get varied types of coffee.

  • Hot Coffee
  • Strong Coffee
  • Chocolate Coffee
  • Strong Choco Coffee
  • Black Coffee

They also serve different types of cold coffee some of them are.

  • Plain Cold Coffee
  • Choco Cold Coffee
  • Strong ¬†Cold Coffee
  • Cold Coffee with Ice Cream
  • Brownie Cold Coffee
  • CSB(Chai Sutta Bar) Special Coffee

Types of  Milkshakes at Chai Sutta Bar:

  • Vanilla Shake
  • Strawberry Shake
  • Butterscotch Shake
  • Oreo Shake
  • KitKat Shake
  • Cream Jelly Shake
  • Dairy Milk Shake
  • Brownie Shake

Various Types of Food and Beverage Provided by Chai Sutta Bar:

  • Veg Burger
  • Veg Cheese Burger
  • Veg Cheese Paneer Burger
  • Garlic Bun
  • French Fries
  • Masala Fries
  • Veg Grill Sandwiches
  • Corn Mayo Sandwiches
  • Jam Sandwiches
  • Tandoori Sandwiches
  • Plain Cheese Pizza
  • Veg Cheese pizza


Chai Sutta Bar is growing Flavored Tea, coffee, other Beverages, and Fast Food point, and quickly becoming peoples favorite place to hang out. They are expanding quickly all over India, also having their franchise outlets in Dubai and Oman.

So, if you are in Kanpur or want to last an everlasting taste of this Chai. Then do visit Chai Sutta Bar Kanpur.

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