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Chaman Bahaar is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language show movie composed and coordinated by Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann. The film is delivered by Yoodlee Films, a creative adventure of Saregama India. Additionally, it stars Jitendra Kumar and Ritika Badiani in lead jobs. The film spins around a humble community pan walla who becomes hopelessly enamored with a student who lives inverse his shop before meeting her.

Cast Updates:

Chaman Bahaar

  • Jitendra Kumar – Billu
  • Ritika Badiani – Rinku
  • Dhirendra Tiwari – Chotu
  • Mizan Khan – Vitesh
  • Bhuvan Arora – Somu
  • Yogendra Tikku – Ramayan
  • Alam Khan – Shila
  • Ashwani Kumar – Ashu
  • Bhagwan Tiwari – Bhadauria


  • The Chaman Bahaar movie starts with Billu, played by Jitendra. He starts a new stall that sells cigarettes and a pan named Chaman Bahaar.
  • A family moves in, and one of the members is a young schoolgirl who is extremely beautiful. She casually steps out in shorts and skirts. Additionally, it attracts many boys in the town.
  • Billu’s friends point out how his shop will be famous as many boys will come and stand in his shop just to stare at the girl. Looking at how much he is earning because of this, he does not oppose this. Slowly, even he falls in love with the girl Rinku and starts day-dreaming about her. He never reveals to anyone that he likes her.
  • In order to have more and more people at the shop, his friends call a political leader’s brat son. Also a powerful businessman of the town, both young and dashing.
  • Looking at how they can be potentially problematic, he removes the two out using gossip and additionally turns them against each other.
  • One day, angry at the fact that he cannot pluck up the courage to give her the card, Billu throws it in the house and his father finds it. His father, trusting Billu, asks him who threw it, and Billu lies how there were two boys with their faces hidden.
  • Stressed in the wake of finding the card, Rinku’s dad calls cops. He comes out and slaps each kid present and assaults Billu too. He says that he has made his shop a spot for young men to sit and badger a young lady.
  • Billu accepts this as selling out from Rinku and out of frustration paints on the dividers and working with the words ‘Rinku Manoriya Bewafa Hai’.

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Dramatic Ending:

  • As the police had cautioned him to not open the shop, he couldn’t procure and pay the cash to the businessperson from where he used to take supplies. He composes on takes note of similar words and offers them to the retailer, saying he will pay the rest by opening the shop.
  • The retailer demonstrates the notes to the police. The police proceed to hit Billu, capturing him and whipping his shop totally. The political imp brings his gathering and claims that Billu was honest as a retailer and could be given notes by another person.
  • The police let him pursue Rinku’s dad additionally requests that the police discharge him, accepting he was the blameless one and simply unfortunate that he possessed that shop. He returns to his shop and additionally even goes to Rinku’s home to thank the dad. Additionally, he was unable to meet Rinku’s eyes and cries, saying ‘sorry’. The family moves to a better place and Rinku leaves Billu a sketch of the shop and himself.
  • The last scene of Chaman Bahaar is Billu strangely taking a gander at another truck that empties a bicycle, like what Rinku used to ride. Additionally, it closes at a chance Billu may do this once more.

Jitendra’s Views on Chaman Bahaar:

  • Entertainer Jitendra Kumar accepts modest community stories in the film are mainstream nowadays as they resound unequivocally with the crowds.
  • Additionally, Jitendra said as an artist, his need is to remain nearby to the real world while depicting his characters.
  • “I invest good time in preparation for my character before the shoot begins. Mannerism, body language, thought process, how a certain person would present himself. I like to learn the nuances which fill in the gaps of me and the character,” Kumar said in a statement.
  • “Every actor wants to be part of stories which have a maximum connection with the audience. Small town stories and the characters coming out of it have a very strong relatability factor with the masses. Additionally, it is not restricted to just the metros.”
  • “Also, when we play such characters, it acts as a bridge between different cultures which is a very interesting experience,” Jitendra said.
  • The entertainer portrayed Chaman Bahaar as an “engaging romantic tale” that illuminates “various shades of adoration.”
  • “Chaman Bahaar is a story which will leave a smile on your face. For me, it has been such a fun experience to play this character in the film,” he added.
  • “I am grateful to everyone for liking my performance. Additionally, I have always believed and stressed on the importance of being relatable as a character. Billu as a character is very close to my heart and I can’t express enough joy that gets when I see that he has been loved by so many people,” he added.

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