Chicago Fire Season 11 UK: Know everything about it

Chicago Fire Season 11 UK


Season 11 of Chicago Fire will come for sure.As NBC renewed the series for a ninth, tenth, and 11th season return in February of 2020.Three more seasons will come up of Chicago PD and Chicago Med.


So now that the season 10 finale of Dick Wolf’s first Chicago installment is officially going on. And there is full assurance that the next season is already on its way.


Here you will get to know about season 11.


Chicago Fire season 11 release date: When will it air?


You can open your phone calendars and highlight the date, as Chicago Fire’s season 11 release date got set for September 21 on NBC.


There is no confirmation yet on when it can hit UK streaming sites. But  it won’t be too long of a wait.


Many have the feeling that the wait is too long despite being a month away from release. But there remains some good news that we may get a sneak peek into the season 11 future.


Daniel Kyri plays Ritter on the show. She recently posted a new group video.We must have  spotted Miranda Rae Mayo’s character Stella Severide in the video. Most importantly many of us may have noticed that she’s having her wedding ring.


This can happen because the events of this season 11 scene could take place after the actor’s wedding and honeymoon. There is a possibility that it can be a flashback scene. 


But nobody knows except the creators. However, they’re not going to throw any hint.We need to wait  for an update.


Chicago Fire season 11 cast: Who’ll be in it?


Fans got disheartened  when Jesse Spencer left the show in October when his character Captain Matthew Casey took the decision to move to Oregon and bring up his late best friend Andy Darden’s young children.


 Thereafter, Captain Casey came up for the season-10 conclusion to watch his best friend tie the knot. This is in the time when Casey and Sylvie Brett  start discussing their future plans. Casey has admitted that he wishes to have Sylvie with him in Portland.


However, she clears out that he is where he should be. He is fighting wildfires, but having her life still in Chicago. So it seems that Sylvie will  come back to Firehouse 51 for good.


As for Spencer’s character, it is certain he will not come back as a regular member in season 11. The finale appearance gives  us a small  hope that he can make more appearances in future episodes.


Fans were shocked to know that Spencer was abandoning the show. It has since made viewers remain concerned that fellow OG Taylor Kinney may also leave the show.He plays Kelly Severide.


However, the rumor is not confirmed nor denied. Now fans are hoping that the intense cliffhanger having Severide and Stella in the season 10 suggests that it’s almost certain that Kinney will reprise the role. And Miranda Rae Mayo will do as Stella Kidd.


Chicago Fire season 11 trailer: When will it land?


We all can expect that  the trailer will come soon.


Certainly, as soon as it lands, you can watch it here. So, follow the website for all the latest news.


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