Given that the highly awaited Avatar: The Way of Water became one of the most successful films ever, Avatar 3 has a lot to live up to.

Even the film’s director, James Cameron, was worried about how the Avatar series would fare if the follow-up did poorly financially. But it didn’t do that. The Way of Water is presently the fourth-highest-grossing movie of all time with a total worldwide box office of $2.17 billion.

With the inclusion of The Way of Water to Avatar and Titanic, Cameron can now claim three of the top four grossing films of all time. Based on the track record, you can’t rule out Avatar 3 pulling off comparable box-office wonders.

If there are no post-production delays, the movie will be released in December 2024 after having already been filmed. Expect more mysteries to be revealed and more issues to go unresolved in the two films that will follow the threequel.

This is all the information you need to know about Avatar 3. As we wait for our upcoming trip to Pandora.

When will the movie Avatar 3 be released in theatres?

In the end, Avatar 3 will open in theatres on December 20, 2024, barring any post-production delays.

Every time the sequel moved, the threequel did as well, resulting in a string of release date changes. Nevertheless, as it was shot concurrently with The Way of Water, Avatar 3’s filming is now complete.

Two movies were shot between September 2017 and December 2020. However, the third movie still needs a good amount of post-production work.

The release dates for Avatar 4 and 5 are presently set for December 18 and December 22, respectively.

The fourth movie with the younger cast has already had some filming done, but there is still more to be done in terms of actual shooting. The fifth movie’s production hasn’t even begun yet. Nonetheless, the fifth movie does have a finished script.

Who will return for Avatar 3?

We already know some actors that have been confirmed to return for Avatar 4, including Sam Worthington as Jake Sully and Zoe Saldana as Neytiri. Avatar 3 was shot simultaneously with the sequel.

The third movie won’t include Neteyam (Jamie Flatters), who was shot and murdered in The Way of Water‘s tragic ending. The sequel introduced us to the extended Sully family.

As the Sully family interacts with the Spirit Tree, there is a chance that we will witness flashbacks or possibly Neteyam, but he is dead.

Every other Family member is still alive, so we’ll see Britain Dalton as their adopted daughter Kiri (Sigourney Weaver), who is the biological daughter of Dr. Grace Augustine’s avatar, and Trinity Jo-Li Bliss as their youngest child Tuktirey.

Moreover, Jack Champion will return to the role of Miles “Spider” Socorro, a human born on Pandora who was revealed to be Quaritch’s child. After the sequel, he saved his father’s life, but he decided to return to the Sullys.

Speaking about Spider’s father, Stephen Lang will reprise his role as Colonel Miles Quaritch. A Na’vi avatar who has been reborn as a Recombinant and has been infused with Quaritch’s memories. Now that Jake has defeated him once more, he has even more motive to get revenge.

Tonowari, the chief of the Metkayina, and Ronal, his wife, will both be played by Kate Winslet and Bailey Bass. While Tsireya, their daughter, will also be played by Bailey Bass.

According to Empire, Payakan, the lovable Tulkun who made Lo’ak his friend in the second film, will also return. Along with Brendan Cowell’s Mick Scoresby, his arch-nemesis. Scoresby lost his arm as a result of Payakan, therefore he will undoubtedly take revenge.

Cast of Avatar 3

The third movie will likely include some newcomers as well. Oona Chaplin, who starred in Game of Thrones, plays Varang, and David Thewlis, who plays a hidden role, also appears. Michelle Yeoh plays Dr. Karina Mogue.

Varang is the head of the Ash People, an “aggressive, volcanic race of people” whom we’ll see in the threequel, it has been revealed. In the upcoming film, Cameron will introduce us to two new Na’vi cultures.

The possibility of Vin Diesel appearing in the next film has been ruled out by producer Jon Landau. So don’t hold your breath.

“Vin liked it. He stopped by the set one day to observe what we were doing. But others misunderstood what he said “said he.

What will the title of Avatar 3 be?

Although the name of Avatar 3 hasn’t been officially announced, we could already know it.

The four Avatar sequels will be titled Avatar: The Way of Water, Avatar: The Seed Bearer, Avatar: The Tulkun Rider, and Avatar: The Quest for Eywa, according to a November 2018 BBC News story. In February 2019, Cameron declared that those films were “in consideration.”

Could Avatar: The Seed Bearer be the name of the third film if Avatar: The Way of Water ended up being the sequel’s name?

What happens in Avatar 3?

James Cameron has indicated that “The Ash People,” a rival tribe of Na’vi, may appear in the next Avatar movie. These Na’vi are said to have connections to fire rather than water. It’s also conceivable that mankind will once more seek to steal resources from the planet Pandora in the movie.

In February 2023, producer Jon Landau said to Empire Magazine, “There are good humans and there are bad humans.” The Na’vi side experiences the same issue. People frequently do not view themselves negatively. What is the fundamental reason why they develop into what we consider to be negative? Perhaps there are other elements present that we are unaware of.