China ends 73-day lockdown in Wuhan


As per the health authorities of mainland China. 62 new confirmed cases were reported on Tuesday after the end of the lockdown. From these cases, 59 were those who returned from abroad, taking the total active cases above 1,000.

Wuhan: As China ends the 73-day lockdown, many people started traveling in and out from the epicenter of coronavirus pandemic. after this, two new deaths were observed and the total number of active cases crossed 1,000.

The National Health Commission (NHC) :

on Wednesday that on Tuesday 62 new cases were observed out of which 59 imported infections were accounted and three domestic cases were also observed. These include two in Shandong Province and one in Guangdong Province. Two casualties were also reported, with one in Shanghai and others in the Hubei province, incrementing the overall death toll in the country to 3,333.

On Tuesday the total confirmed cases in the mainland reached 81,802 including 71,279 discharged after recovery, 3,333 deaths. and 1,190 cases were still under treatment. Previously on Monday NHC reported no deaths for the first time since it began publishing COVID-19’s daily reports.

Wuhan was facing restricted public transport and suspended flights and trains since January 23rd in an attempt to reduce the epidermic.

Despite the warning by the epidemiologists that considering the number of active patients this is not a good time to lift off the lockdown, Wuhan’s
the lockdown was lifted.

The government has given permission to only those citizens who acquire health certificates. Hundreds of people started to leave the city as the lockdown
was lifted. Cars lined up at expressway toll gates and after the removal of barricades at midnight they started to move. And passengers prepared
to board trains to leave Wuhan.

The railway authorities gave a compulsion that the person would have to wear a mask to reduce risk and get their health codes scanned as well as
get their temperature checked while entering the station.

Workers have disinfected the trains, all the entrances, and exits of the station and all the waiting rooms. And it can be said that life has
started to come back on track in Wuhan.

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