The history of China and Taiwan has been peculiar as throughout the past China has trying to take the government of Taiwan under its constitution since the era of freedom.
While Taiwan has been resisting the pressure on governments led through by China which was the result of china’s civil war that divided China into two territories “The People’s republic of China ‘(present-day China ) and “The Republic of China”(Taiwan ) which also mend to be the international issue in UN assembly since then Taiwan has been known as the Chinese Taipei.
China is Taiwan’s biggest investment partner ,acquiring nearly 30% of the island’s total trade where the trade between the two reached between $150.5 billion.
While Taiwanese companies have also invested over $100 billion in China due to its large population, making it a perfect spot for investment
Amidst the ongoing ChinaUS trade war , Taiwan has been benefiting through reduced tariffs for manufacturing.

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While the government of China has been pressurizing the government of Taiwan to make the “ONE CHINA ” policy though the people of Taiwan do not want to merge into the present china and continue to demand democracy from the influence of China.
China has been baiting Taiwan ever since through huge investment in the country, also there are several cases of china crossing borders of Taiwan in order to gain an upper hand.
as political experts say: China has been worrying about the issue over Taiwan and wants to merge it with china, being afraid that the growing awareness among the people about democracy will also lead to people revolting in china and demanding “DEMOCRACY“.
Beijing, the capital of the most populated country has also revised its law for making it easier for Taiwan to invest in China to show the goodwill of the country ahead of the election which was to be held in January.
the landmark economic reform in Beijing draws the attention of the investment due to its low cost and common culture.
The Taiwanese government has also warned against falling for the inducement by Beijing’s law reforms and id planing anti-infiltration laws to stop the influence of china over the country.
Mainland China is Taiwan’s top trading partner with trade totaling around $226 billionUSDand runs a large trade economy with manufacturing.
In the election held on 11 January, the president ‘Tsai ingwen ” won the election and have reassured the people that Taiwan will be fighting for it’s freedom from China.

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