China will not accept US “theft” of TikTok

China will not accept US “theft” of TikTok was a top story in China’s daily newspaper. The Chinese communist party back newspaper printed on Tuesday, August 3, 2020. The new story claim that the US is bullying TikTok’s parent company to selling it to Microsoft. Specifically, the article accuses Pres. Trump of putting America’s economy before all others and leading Chinese tech companies two options. “Submission or Mortal combat in the tech realm” were some of the more provocative praises the story. The Chinese communist party is already upset at the number of Chinese tech companies in the US on a trade blacklist. As a result of this latest incidence has stated that they have “plenty of ways to respond… Smash and grab”.



The China government saying will not accept US “theft” of TikTok and other accusations are most likely hiding the truth. Firstly, Microsoft buying US control of TikTok only means the company would all the short video streaming. The US government would have little to no control over the platform and only tax revenue from its use. Additionally, the presidents have reversed his impending decision to simply band the platform. Instead, he gave both companies over a month negotiate the sale the short video app. Secondly, the primary concern the US government has with Chinese tech’s our security issues.

Specifically, the fact that the Chinese government both through law and ownership compel these tech companies to assist in espionage. Indeed, most of these companies would not be on a US trade black list if the CCP were not involved. It is quite likely that the CCP’s real intent article is to paint the US as a bully against China. The article also stated that the US was coordinating with allies to wreck the Chinese economy by removing themselves. Specifically, he claims that more companies removing production from China will hurt the economy. While that is true, most of the ally’s mentions were acting independence of the US. Additionally, the CCP’s own actions over the last year prompted this decision from many companies and countries. So, China saying it will not accept US “theft” merely another escalation growing trade conflict between the CCP and US.

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