In India searches for work from home jobs have risen by 442%

In India searches for work from home jobs have risen by 442% from February to July Indeed report. Specifically, the report is based on the job posting platforms’ most up to date electronic records as of August 3, 2020. As the coronavirus pandemic ravaged the world, both physically and economically, companies shifted more of their business to remote work. This became more successful as a larger number of potential employees sought remote/work from home jobs. This was due to a growing number of jobs that had been office work being offered for remote work instead. Moreover, this variety of potential jobs and the schedule flexibility of remote work appeals to many job seekers.

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In India, besides the coronavirus, the reason for the rise and work from home jobs is due to the seekers. Specifically, the millennial generation who make up a little over half of India’s current working population. Additionally, employers are finding the benefits of remote work on production and employee morale so advantageous they post more jobs. Indeed, reported that work from home job posting in India increased in several categories including software technician, marketing, and IT manager. The job platform also reported that job postings in delivery personnel and healthcare also saw an increase during this six-month period.

Indian employers also found that work from home jobs during this coronavirus pandemic has allowed the continuation of the business. In other words, work from home jobs has allowed Indian companies to continue functioning and maintain profit quota. As a result, though these companies haven’t grown economically neither have they collapsed to the point of bankruptcy. Another benefit of the increase in work from home jobs in India increase in skilled workers. That is, an increased number of individuals with useful skills who could work in offices are able to now. Specifically, individuals who were help or family reasons couldn’t work in an office are now able to apply their skills. Additionally, many households that were facing have been able to find relief financially work at home jobs.

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