Chip and Joanna Gaines Share First Magnolia Networks Trailer for ‘Fixer Upper: Welcome Home’

Chip and Joanna Gaines are back. The couple just shared the first trailer of ‘Fixer Upper: Welcome Home’. The new show will be released on Magnolia Networks on Jan 29. Chip and Joanna Gaines already attracted millions of heart with their show ‘Fixer Upper’. And now they are ready to rock again with ‘Fixer Upper: Welcome Home’ after all, “fixing home” is exciting. They released the trailer of the show. As a result of the trailer, the fans are going crazy.

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'Fixer Upper: Welcome Home' trailer dropped by Chip and Joanna
Chip and Joanna Gaines will renovate houses in ‘Fixer Upper: Welcome Home’

All about ‘Fixer Upper: Welcome Home’

The first scene of the trailer shows that Chip and Joanna are here to entertain us again. Then they go through some numbers of houses for renovation and present the people they will be helping. Fans are excited to see the couple doing what they do best. In ‘Fixer Upper: Welcome Home’, they will provide help to turn old fashioned houses into lavishing places. The couple can be seen meddling into their routine life as their work and family is expanding. The title of the first episode is ‘A Neglected Home for Newlywed’. It shows the team help newlywed couple turn their old fashioned houses into innovative spaces. The new episodes of ‘Fixer Upper: Welcome Home’, will be available every week on discovery+. Check out the trailer

Chip said that ‘Fixer Upper: Welcome Home’ will be exciting because they have never experienced anything like this before. On the other hand Joanna expressed her views about the show and said that they are getting to do what they love. They love to help people to renovate their houses, and they love it when they turn a place into their dream house.

The original show, ‘Fixer Upper’ contained 5 seasons, and it last aired in April 2018. Chip and Joanna earlier expressed their wish to start their own Television network. They decided to take a break after they packed up final episode of ‘Fixer Upper’.