Nicki Minaj shares first pictures of her baby son and he’s already decked out in designer gear

Nicki Minaj’s baby says hii in his luxury clothes. Nicki Minaj showed the first picture of her baby boy, and he is already dressed up in designer wear. In October, Nicki Minaj was blessed with her first baby with husband Kenneth Petty. But she chose to keep the baby away from media and limelight. Name of her baby is not revealed but she has shared the pictures of little munchkin on her Instagram.

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Nicki Minaj shares first picture of son
It is Nicki Minaj’s first baby with Kenneth. She shares pictures of their son dressed up in designer clothes.

About Nicki Minaj’s Baby and the Pictures

Photos shared by Nicki Minaj shows that her baby is all wrapped up in designer gear. Little Munchkin Petty is seen wearing a checkered shirt, tiny jeans and sneakers. In another picture, he isĀ  wearing a golden chain with his nickname, Papa Bear. It is obvious for him to get all decked up in designer clothes and accessories because Nicki Minaj’s baby is rap royalty. Papa Bear looks super cute, wearing Fendi, Burberry and Versace. He even wears a diamond bracelet. Isn’t it funny that now we are poorer than a baby? He wears all the brands, and he is only a few months old.

Not only the fans but even the celebrities went ga-ga on seeing the pictures of baby decked up in designer gear, looking super cute. Nicki Minaj’s baby was October. When she was pregnant during the pandemic, she said that being pregnant is challenging during these tough times. She thanked Riccardo Tisci, Winnie, and Karol for the wishes and luxury items in her gifts.

Nicki Minaj wrote while sharing the pictures of her baby that she is thankful to be Papa Bear’s mama. She also wished everyone a Happy New Year. She earlier shared a look of gifts that Fendi creative director sent her and her baby. Nicki Minaj’s baby also rides in a Fendi-printed stroller. Everyone is amazed at her son’s luxury wardrobe. Of course, we also wish for the same collection.