CHOKED : Paisa Bolta Hai

“Demonetization in India, a clever plan”


The director of our times, Mr. Anurag Kashyap brings yet another thought-provoking film, Choked.

On the night of 9th November 2016, while India was busy doing chores, our beloved Government dropped a silent bombshell which created a massive uproar throughout the country. Yes, you guessed it right- Demonetization.


As the trailer uncovers, the film spins around a bank worker finding packs of note hacking out of her kitchen pipeline. While she utilizes the cash to better her life, demonetization ruins her play and things turn dull. It is about connections — and the unsafe harmony between truth, influence, and cash. The drama highpoints the black money, reality, and power in the epochs of demonetization. That apparently hauls Sarita into a criminal world totally obscure to her.


Saiyami Kher as Sarita Pillai, Roshan Mathew as Sushant Pillai in the lead roles with others as supporting cast.


The millennial generation has always been influenced by Mr. Kashyap and his movies which makes one ponder about reality. Be it, Gangs of Wasseypur, Dev-D, or Ghost Stories, he has never failed to enthrall us. While Mr. Modi announced the policy back in 2016, it did turn around our lives completely. Hence, this film provides an insight into the life of a middle-class family making ends meet.

Just imagine how would you feel if packets containing 500 and 1000 rupee notes suddenly end up in your kitchen (remember pre-demonetization)? You’ll be on top of the world!

But what if Govt. decides to introduce a system where having black money is unethical and you have to give in all the money to a humble bank? Yes, that’s what goes through her mind.

As far as Demonetization received mixed reactions from beloved countrymen, the movie tries to depict that through a family.


Sarita Pillai (Saiyami Kher) is a blank clerk doing her work very efficiently while her husband Sushant (Roshan Mathew) is perhaps just a sit at the home person with no consistent income vis a vis a job.

As the desperate, baffled bank clerk she finds an unexpected reserve of money streaming out of her kitchen sink each 12 PM. Her deteriorated life finds another bearing to stream into. After quite a while after night, she receives the benefits of the marvel, as her slacker spouse, Sushant turns out to be progressively dubious of her wealth.

What happens when she hits an unexpected big stake? Will she discover an associate in her better half and have the option to procure the delights of this unending income?


Choked imprints the principal cooperation of Saiyami Kher, Roshan Mathew, and Anurag Kashyap. This is the first occasion Saiyami Kher and Roshan Mathew are working with Netflix.

Kashyap has directed the film off a script by Nihit Bhave (Sacred Games and Hey Prabhu!). He has also produced it alongside Dhruv Jagasia. Choked is a production of Netflix and Good Bad Films, co-founded by Kashyap.

Main Information

The Choked Netflix trailer was out on May 21, 2020. Since the time the trailer was dropped on the web, the video has made a huge buzz via web-based networking media. The two-minute clasp gives a brief look at the issues Saiyami Kher’s character faces. Roshan Mathew assumes the job of Saiyami’s better half. Gully Boy distinction Amruta Subhash likewise answered to assume a critical job in the film.

Offering a photograph to the essayist of Choked, Anurag uncovered that the film’s content took very nearly six years to at long last get made. “Me and my bachchu. My fabulous essayist, partner @misterbistar at last pardoned me for taking six years to make the film on his script (counting the “Masterstroke” hand of God). There wouldn’t be CHOKED without him,” Anurag composed. In another post, he valued his ‘striking’ official maker.

He additionally acquainted his fans with the ‘Supervisor Lady’ on the arrangements of Choked and expressed, “The Boss woman. Nothing on the set moves without her permission. Not even me .. what’s more, you can’t respond to her question or excuse her .. meet @zoparvin She is the primary aid. What’s more, the First runs the set.”


While it is easy for movies/ web-series to gather criticism for its content, it is quite serious if the film faces allegations against plagiarizing else’s content.

A written falsification line including Anurag Kashyap’s approaching Choked, hosts been settled by all gatherings without the need for lawful activity. Executive Wilson Louis had written in a Facebook post that he found the reason for Kashyap’s film startlingly like that of his 2018 short film, Choke. Be that as it may, there’s a curve.

Other than the titles, Wilson composed on Facebook, the focal idea of an administration representative’s treatment of extraordinary riches, covered up in the pipes of their homes, was what made him wonder about the similarities. While in Kashyap’s film a bank worker finds groups of money in the pipes of her home, in Wilson’s Choke a BMC official conceals gold inside the funnels of her home.


Wilson included that following the disarray, Kashyap connected with him. “I never blamed Anurag for taking [my idea]. In any case, we should concede that we live in an industry where thoughts are frequently passed around. Scholars don’t have a sense of safety about their material, and makers don’t have the respectability to credit the first essayists. In such a situation, you accept the most exceedingly awful in everybody. After the discussion, we concurred that the two movies have an uncanny similarity most definitely.”


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