Cloudflare Outage Affected many sites


Today, a popular web infrastructure provider company Cloudflare’s website has faced a huge outage. The outage had impacted on a lot of services including Discord, Medium, GitLab, Patreon and many more.

As, we know that there are a lot of sites relying on Cloudflare to speed up their websites, protect their sites from DoS etc.

As Cloudflare powers internet request for 13 per cent of the Fortune. 1,000 for more than one billion unique IP addresses each day.


Earlier today, a popular online chatting company Discord, experienced a widespread outage today. The issue started today at, 2.45 am as per the Indian Standard times or 5 PM at Eastern Times.

The outage has lasted approximately for an hour. Apart from Discord, there are many other companies or site’s server was also down. As they take support from Cloudflare.

Also, the Cloudflare Acknowledged that the issues with its network have actually affected various application and sites.

Discord tweeted on it’s Twitter account saying, “Users are currently having trouble disconnecting to Discord due to an upstream internet issue. We’ve got all engineers on check investigating the issues.”

After deeply looking into the topic, finally the reason of the outage came up. So, the root cause of this network outage was ‘configuration error’.

The company, on its status page, stated,” It appears a router on our global backbone announced bad routes and caused some positions of the network to not be available.”

Also, today was not the first time that an issue like this has occurred. This is the second major outage for Discord this year.

Earlier, the company faced a hit of service due to the connectivity issue back in March.

And, as we know that communication service applications have an increased amount of traffic on the sites. Since, after the outbreak of Pandemic.

As people want to stay connected and they can stay connected with the help of these apps. And So, more people get affected due to such outages.

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