Darius Rucker opens up about racism in country music

Darius Rucker opens up about Racism in country music.
Darius Rucker was in a podcast of artist Rissi Palmer called “Color me country”. He revealed many things about his country music career. And one of them was Racism in Country Music.

Darius Rucker is not a noob to the music industry. He’s been in a business since Hootie and Blowfish days. He was the frontman of the group. Now he is really doing well as a solo country artist. Because of all these achievements we sometimes don’t really think about other things like Racism.

Rucker also revealed that growth in South Carolina how he came across such instances of Racism. I was told this is how the thing is, he revealed. Racism should not be left without taking proper actions. That what Darius Rucker has learned. I was stopped by the police because I’m the black man in the expensive car he recalled.


Racism in country music
Darius Rucker talks about Racism in country music.

Darius Rucker also talked about how people were not ready to work with him in his early country music days. Just because they thought no one will listen to my music because I’m black. Racism in country music should not be tolerated so that Racism in countries should be wiped away.

Recently Darius Rucker also supported the Black Lives Matter campaign and shared how devastated he was after learning about George Flyods death in a heartfelt long social media post. Darius said he is very concerned about the safety of his children. He doesn’t want something to happen just because they are black.

Darius Rucker’s New track “Times like this”:

In the same podcast, Darius Rucker shared some information about his new track “Times like this” with Diane Warren. Diane Warren wrote this song thinking about the time we are in. In this challenging time, we all had fought our own battle and been through the worst predicament so Diane Warren thought of writing this song dedicated to the struggles we been through.

Darius Rucker was very happy to collaborate with this chart-topping songwriter and he was also the first choice of Diane Warren she wrote this song.

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