The Curse of the Oak Island Season 8: Lagina brothers and fellowship returns

Curse of oak island season 8 premiered on Tuesday, November 10. On history channel.

What to expect from curse of the oak island season 8:

Since 2014 Lagina brothers and their teams discovered many things like in this year around. This oak island is like 250 years old. And people were in search for treasure for around 200 years. As this island said to have Money pit. Seems like we can look forward for adventurous discoveries and maybe Money pit discovery is also around the corner with very slight chance. However some scientists completely denied having money pit or any treasure on the island.

Tools for Discoveries:

The swamp that was discovered last season will be the major focus for Lagina brothers.
This season they also been using new tools. Team will utilise sonic core drilling, big dives , new metal detecting instruments and many more.

About the curse of the oak :

Curse of oak island season 8
Curse of oak island season 8 premiered

The curse of the Oak is  reality Television series. First episode of the series was aired on January 5 ,2014. In this series Lagina brothers and fellowship unveils the mystery of this island in the search of treasure. Lagina brother finds many facts and historical information in their journey. Marty Lagina and Rick Lagina lives in Michigan. Because of the show they travelled from Michigan to oak island.

Seasons and Numbers of episodes:

Curse of Oak Island has around 112 episodes till date in 1-7 seasons. Curse of Oak Island Season 8 will have fewer episodes compared to previous seasons. Number of episodes have been reduced because of COVID precautions.

About Lagina brothers:

Marty Lagina is the eldest and has been interested in oak island since he was 11. This curiosities is seen in the show. Therefore it makes their treasure hunt and discoveries much more interesting.
Rick Lagina is the younger brother he is engineer by profession. Hence he links all scientific aspects on the show. And many of their friends and relatives are also on the show for help.

Season 8 is the most anticipated season because it has also started late than the expected time because of COVID. But it can also give us some more discoveries of this mysterious island .