Apple M1-Based MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini Announced.

Apple M1 – Based announced:

Apple M1-Based MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini Announced.  M1 is its own processor. Apple promises better battery life and performance because it’s no longer using intel chips. Apple announced its first generation of processors, Apple Silicon. Intel and Apple on separate paths from now on?

Apple M1 - Based announced


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Why is Apple Ditching Intel:

Apple M1 – Based announced, after stopping services of Microsoft Intel. Better power, guaranteed performance, etc are the reason for changing to its own Apple arm processors. Also, Apple doesn’t want to wait for next-generation processors from Microsoft’s Intel.
 What’s new for Apple:

In spite of COVID 19, Apple had an eventful year. It has launched 13 ” MacBook Air, 16″ MacBook Pro, etc. All these products come with an updated keyboard and their very own processor. They also updated iPhone 12, Ipads and iPhone gadgets.

How does Apple processor work better than Intel :

The Apple arm processor is more energy-efficient than intel chips and because of this a huge amount of battery life can be saved. As  Apple has its own line of mobile, Ipads and Mac books, these Apple processors are definitely going to boost business. Some of the programs written for Your old laptop with an intel processor won’t work. Apple has taken this into account and has started a program Rossetta that will add compatibility to old programs.

 Meanwhile, Intel is not Lagging behind:

Tiger Lake announces its range of CPU with the best Intel processors. The laptops are thin and sleek and because of the 11th generation of Intel processor, users will have an amazing experience. The CPU will give a better battery life. The new generation of laptops come with better graphics and thunderbolt features.

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