Intel 11th gen Tiger Lake processor: The most powerful processor ever

Tiger Lake announces

Intel 11th gen Tiger Lake CPUs announced. It will be the best ever processor from Intel ever. Sleek and thin laptops are now in the trend. Intel said the all-new Tiger Lake processor is going to give an amazing user experience on those laptops.

Users are going to have amazing performance and speed in the Intel 11th gen Tiger Lake processor. This new CPU by Intel is going to fasten the system and give users an amazing battery back up. It will consume more power and give extended useful life.

Intel XE Graphics

With the Intel Tiger Lake processor, Intel is coming up with Intel most advanced XE graphics along with Thunderbolt 4 support and Wi-Fi 6. This going to give a 2x graphics experience to the user. Seems Intel launched some amazing features this year for its user.

Till now AMD had the features but Intel is now in the competition and hopeful to get a better market with the Tiger Lake processors in a combination with Intel XE graphics. This going to give users a real-life graphic along with DOLBY video experience.

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Evo for fast charging

At the same time, Intel also launches the newly introduced Intel Evo which will impact the battery life of the Intel processor. Intel Evo gives a fast charging facility to its customer. With the new launches giving utmost importance to battery life.

Tiger Lake
Intel launch 11th gen Tiger Lake processors
Overall experience

Tiger Lake is already given extended battery life and with that Evo will give a fast charging facility that surely gonna rock the market in a combination.

Along with the 11th gen Tiger Lake processor, XE graphics, and Evo, the company also launched its new logo. This is the third time from the beginning company has changed its logo.



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