David Richardson Dies: ‘The Simpsons’, ‘Two and a Half Men’ & ‘F Is For Family’ Writer-Producer was 65

David Richardson, very popular for writing and producing ‘Two and a Half Men’ and ‘The Simpsons’ had died at the age of 65. David died from heart failure. It is a piece of sad news because the veteran comedy showrunner had celebrated his 65th on 24th Dec.

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David Richardson, writer and producer of The Simpsons and F Is For Family, dies at 65
David Richardson, famous for writing and producing The Simpsons, dies by heart failure.

David Richardson and his journey-

He had finished working for the final season of ‘F Is For Family’. He also produced the same and was all wrapped up for the final season on Netflix. David had earlier survived cancer and began his writing journey with a series ‘Grand’ in 1985. He was associated with Empty Nest’s two seasons as well. David Richardson had a rich career in the entertainment industry because he got to work on numerous TV action comedies. Apart from working and producing ‘Two and a Half Men’, 8 Simple Rules and Malcolm in the Middle, he even secured a Humanitas award for ‘Faith’.

The showrunner of ‘F Is For Family’, Price said that he and David Richardson met in 2000. David was his boss and then Price remembered how great David was as a writer. He was not only a good writer but also a great friend and showrunner. David was the first person Price had called when he got to become ‘F Is For Family’ showrunner.

David Richardson has a wife and twin sons who are 12-year-old. His wife’s name is Charleen Easton Richardson and his sons are Arlo and Atticus. He also has a son from his previous marriage. His family would organise a small and private ceremony. A grand celebration of David Richardson’s journey will be organised later. He was a significant part of many lives, and he also has a daughter-in-law and several nephews and niece. Considering the number of shows he had worked on, David will be remembered and missed by many.