‘Dear Christmas’ stars Melissa Joan Hart, Jason Priestley, Nicki whelan and more

Dear Christmas stars Joan Hart:

Lifetime’s new holiday romance comedy flick Dear Christmas stars Joan Hart, Jason priestly as main characters. Christmas is arriving soon. So is the season of warm and cozy holiday movies. As we don’t have many options rather than staying in. we couldn’t help ourselves but search for great Holiday movies. To feel some warmth in this cold Christmas.

For More information about cast, storyline, and premiering date, read further :

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Premiere date :

Dear Christmas premiered on the 27th of November 2020 on lifetime.

Storyline :

The story of dear Christmas revolves around America’s well-known podcaster and a tow truck driver. Doing a podcast named Holiday love and not really experiencing love in real life is the agony our female protagonist is facing. How will he meet this tow truck driver and how will their love bloom is like the real deal to look out for

 Cast and Characters :

Dear Christmas stars Joan Hart
Dear Christmas stars Joan Hart
  • Natalie Morgan played by Melissa Joan Hart – Having successful podcast channel and pretty much had everything u life expect love
  • Chris Massey played by Jason priestly – Did something sounded like Christmasyy !!!  Yes, that’s what this movie will be. And his character in the movie is as comforting and cheerful as Christmas.
  • Natalie’s younger sister played by Nicky Whelan
  • Natalie’s parents Ed Begley junior and Faith Prince.

Melissa Joan Hart :

Melissa Joan Hart is known for her holiday-themed movie. She is considered a queen of this genre. Now Dear Christmas stars Joan Hart is definitely a great move. Melissa is an all-time favorite artist of Lifetime.

Recently Melissa Joan Hart is also seen in a directorial role for one of the Lifetimes holiday movies Feliz Navidad.

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Conclusion :

  • Dear Christmas Newly released movie of Lifetime stars Melissa Joan Hart and Jason priestly.
  • The movie got released on 27th November. It’s a great movie to consider for holiday seasons.
  • Each and every character has done their role pretty well. You can feel emotions through them.
  • one drawback of the movie as per my view is her pestering parents. Love can be found you can’t impose it.
  • In the end, she found her true love so we all are happy

Overall it a great movie to add to your watchlist this holiday season. It does not have that strong storyline and all but characters managed to capture our hearts.