Lifetime’s Feliz NaviDAD Movie premiere: Trailer, Synopsis, Cast.


Feliz NaviDAD movie premiere is just around the corner. See what you need to know about this movie. Before adding  it to your holiday seasons watchlist. In this COVID  ridden year we can’t even think about going anywhere.  But what about a movie recommendation?  Read further to know about cast, synopsis, and Pretty much everything  about this movie.

Feliz NaviDAD Movie – Synopsis : 

As from snippets and interviews of the cast. This movie is completely focused on father daughter bond.  A story revolves around a man David Morales. Who promised himself not to celebrate Christmas after his wife’s death. As he lost his wife during  Christmas holidays. Having 14 years old daughter he is a determined father, having no social life of his own.
Movie’s plot developed when David’s sister and teenage daughter decides to set him up on a online dating site. Where he met Sophie a gifted musician. What will happen next will  David find love ever again? Will he celebrate Christmas with his family? For Answer you have to watch the movie.

Cast and Characters :

Feliz Navidad movie
Feliz Navidad movie cast Mario Lopez and AnnaLynne McCord
  • Mario Lopez as David Morales : Main character, loving father, kind of anti social after his wife’s death.
  • Paulina Chavez as Noel : David’s 14 years old daughter. Can do anything for her dad’s happiness.
  • Marycarmen Lopez as Marissa : David’s sister and Noel’s partner in crime she live with David and Noel.
  • AnnaLynne McCord as Sophie : Met David on dating site. Likes David.

Release date:

Feliz Navidad will premiere on 22 November 8pm ET. On lifetime networks. As Mario also tweeted earlier revealing official date.


  • Feliz Navidad movie is great holiday movie to add in your list for sure
  • This will sure gives you Cozy holiday vibes. Because of whole setup.
  • It is a great take on father daughter relation.
  • Emotional movie with great cast line up. Especially how teenage daughter is not shown obnoxious about their parent relationships.
  • Very interesting take on holiday genre. It is worthy to watch how David will celebrate Christmas again.

Because movies like this we can completely feel holiday vibes, Without stepping out of our house.

What is your take on this movie ?