Shawn Mendes Netflix documentary In wonder arriving today (23 November 2020). In this documentary, you can get a sneak peek of Shawn’s life and concerts. How he gets emotional describing his journey to becoming this huge name.

If you are a fan of Shawn Mendes or not. This heartfelt Netflix original is definitely a must-watch.  As you can enjoy this journey through your screens.

Trailer launch :

Since Shawn Mendes Netflix documentary ‘In wonder’ Trailer launched fans been waiting for its premiere.  Shawn being emotional quoting he’s just a guy growing up. Definitely Melts our heart. Shawn Mende’s tour is also featured in the documentary.

Watch trailer : Shawn Mendes : In wonder |official Trailer| Netflix 

Shawn Mendes Netflix documentary In wonder :

You will definitely be in wonder after watching this 1 hour 22 minutes documentary. Netflix is not an exception when it comes to documentaries. We can claim that. Because we have seen great films about singers. How can we forget Miss Americana Taylor swift’s documentary that was also a masterpiece.
Therefore the expectation bar is definitely higher here. Especially after watching In wonder trailer. We will be going to get emotional for sure.

What else is there in the documentary:

Shawn mendes Netflix documentary

Shawn Mendes Netflix documentary

Camilla Cabello is also said to be in this Netflix original. In the trailer Shawn is saying everything I wrote is always about you is like considering his girlfriend as his musical aspiration is the cutest thing to watch.

After being in an on and off relationship and after lots of speculations of break up. Shawn and Camilla are officially together. Hence this film clears that doubt as well.

In wonder is named after Shawn’s fourth studio album Wonder. Which we heard playing in the background in the trailer.

Snippets from Shawn’s childhood and his sister features in the documentary. Recollecting how he handled his fame.

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Shawn mendes as YouTuber:

Many of you might not know before being a musician and all. Shawn was a youtuber  making vine videos. He recalled this as well  in his documentary.


  • Shawn mendes original documentary is must watch this holiday season.
  • showing backstage of his concert and recalling his journey is really heart melting.
  • This original movie highlights how Shawn is a normal being just like us in spite of his celeb status.