BTS to perform ‘Life Goes on’ for the first time at the 2020 AMAs


BTS to perform at AMAs 2020. BTS is not behind the scene anymore. After gaining immense popularity globally. They are all set to perform ‘Life goes on’ for the very first time. Along with ‘life goes on’, they will also perform Dynamite. BTS has become a household name since 2016. After the K-pop music festival in 2015. That held in the USA.

Having official fandom called ARMY. Their popularity is not going anywhere soon.

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BTS is to perform at AMAs but performing on global stages is nothing new for BTS in recent years.
They performed:

  • DNA at AMAs (2017) – Audiences were swoon by their first major award performance. And their good looks were obviously one of the added advantages.
  • Mic Drop at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve (2017) – with BTS performing viewers definitely welcomed 2018 with swag.
  • Fake love at BMAs (2018) –  who wouldn’t have liked great choreography and greatest vocals.
  • Boy with Luv on Saturday night live (2019): That was their first live performance for boy with Luv
  • After this AMAs 2020 will be their first major performance.



BTS decided to have a live debut performance of this song at AMAs. So definitely this song has to be special. ‘Life goes on’ is a track from their fifth album BE.

In a recent interview, BTS revealed that this song has been written considering going on the crisis. This year people were facing many crises because of the pandemic. They hope this song will keep their fans strong.

Recently this MV has set milestones by surpassing 110 million views in 2 days.


Dynamite is BTS’s first fully English song. This South Korean boy band gained so much of an audience with their native language. So one can only imagine how much it crazed their international fans when their first full English single was released.
Many covers and dance covers even celebrities around the world praised this song.
Now BTS is performing this song as well at AMAs we can’t wait to watch their performance.

This MV has more than 600 million views.

Conclusion :

BTS to perform at AMAs is really great news for ARMYs. As they are eagerly waiting for their live performances. And performing famous songs like ‘Life goes on’ and ‘Dynamite’ is like icing on the cake.