RJ Cutler on ‘Belushi’ The Documentary that examines The Life And Legacy Of A Comedy Legend.

RJ Cutler on ‘Belushi’:

RJ Cutler on ‘Belushi’, The Documentary that examines The Life And Legacy Of A Comedy Legend. The legendary comedian  John Belushi died of a heroin overdose.  Though he was a comedian, his death was far from a comedy, observes R J Cutler.

RJ Cutler on 'Belushi'
RJ Cutler on ‘Belushi’

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The documentary:

It was a long time since R J cutler was thinking about making a documentary on Belushi. He kept persuading Belushi’s wife but because he was a very private person, she kept avoiding it. Finally, they made the documentary.  this show is being aired on Netflix on November 23, 2020.

John Belushi:

He was a musical comedian, sketch comedian, and an American actor. John Belushi’s work such as Animal House, Saturday Night Live(SNL), etc is famous.  SNL  warned Belushi to quit drugs. He died at 33 in 1982 because of a drug overdose.  His friend Cathy Smith injected him with a drug overdose. He died of intoxication.

 R J Cutler: 

He is an American filmmaker, documentarian, etc. His work includes The War room, A Perfect Candidate, The September Issue. His work has won many notable awards. Cutler took to social media Twitter,  to announce that John Belushi documentary launch on showtime. He thanked all his friends, family, and fans for their support. Cutler also thanked Judy, wife of John Belushi fro her support.

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