Listen Meryl Streep rap(!) on New Original track from ‘The Prom’


Meryl Streep rap new original track ‘The Crown’ from the movie ‘The Prom’. Who would have thought Miranda priestly (Meryl Streep in devil wears prada ) can Rap. It’s really great to see Meryl in a role where she is getting along with young girl. Miranda Streep’s movie The Prom will be releasing soon .

Meryl streep raps:

Meryl Streep rap new original The Crown. It is a closing track of the movie. Other cast members like Jimmy Corden, Nicole Kidman are seen along with Meryl Streep. There were Many aspects of this movie we were excited about, be it cast, storyline, etc.  Now because of Meryl streep rap. It is like icing on the cake. We can’t wait to watch it.

Lyrics of Rap :

As Name of the song is wear your crown. We can actually think this song will be quite empowering. As this is written to cheer up heartbroken lesbian teen trying to settle in a judgmental society. Lyrics of the rap has also served its purpose right.

About The Prom, and other cast members :

Plot :

After having major flop expensive Broadway show, their careers are not going anywhere. That’s when this stage stars got an idea to help lesbian teen. Who just wanted to bring her girlfriend to the prom. Just to improve their public image and kickstart their ruined careers. How will they going to help her is an interesting twist in a movie. Because of this step, will they get their fame back?

Trailer :

From trailer it is seems like fun musical and quite uplifting movie. Fans can’t wait to watch full movie. Having great music and cast.

Watch trailer : The prom |Official Teaser Trailer| Netflix 

Meryl streep rap
Meryl Streep rap in the new movie The Prom.

As ,This  musical movie of Netflix is quite star studded. Many known faces are there Therefore, it holds its viewer / Fan value

  • Meryl Streep as Dee Dee Allan
  • Nicole Kidman as Angie Dickinson
  • James corden as Barry Glickman
  • Emma Nolan as jo Ellen pellman

The prom will premiere  on 11 December 2020 on Netflix .

Conclusion :

Watching Meryl Streep rap is really refreshing and she justified her role well.

Whole concept of movie prom is quite fresh and new. As it is also pointed out social issue and what teenagers go through just because of their sexual preference.
we just can’t wait to watch whole movie .

What do you think about Meryl Streep’s new role ?