DJI’s Mini drone flies further and shoots 4K for $499

DJI mini 2 for $449
DJI mini 2 for $449
DJI mini two for $499.


It’s been more than a year when DJI introduced the Mavic mini’s most talked about feature was its weight. It weighed 250 grams. Now DJI is back in the game with DJI mini 2. Not only name is shortened but it weighed 1 gram less than its previous design.

Features and working and changes from the previous version:

DJI mini 2 for $449
Newly launched DJI mini 2 for $449
  • The maximum resolution of video shot by this drone can go up to 4K which is considered as fairly great quality for any drone video. As CEO of DJI told that he was not happy with the picture quality of the previous drone. So an upgrade of quality is pretty much expected.
  • DJI mini 2 has faster acceleration and speed exceeding 35.8 mph previously it was only 29 mph
  • Battery life: 31 minutes which is 1 minute extra than the Mavic mini
  • Wind resistance: 24 mph while Mavic mini had 18 mph previously.
  • The size of the sensor remained the same i.e,1/2.3 inch
  • With Mini 2 you can get RAW Photos which Is better than JPG
  • Auto bracketing exposure is just another feature in mini 2 which was not available in Mavic mini.
  • You can also add a quick transfer function to your phone and connect your phone with a drone via WiFi
  • This function will also enhance the photo quality when they are added

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Pricing :

We can get DJI mini 2 for $449 as it will come with a controller and one battery.
And you have to pay $100 that is $549 extra for a combo which comes with three batteries, a charging hub, and a carrying case.
However, the starting price for mini 2 is $50 higher than the Mavic mini but upgraded features speak for it.


DJI mini 2 for $449 comes with

  • propeller guard  
  • charging hub
  • charging pod
  • controller
  • battery


  • Altogether, the price may seem a little higher but for the features and updated technology, it is a great investment for someone who Likes drones.
  • Overall mini 2 is a great option for the long term rather than Mavic mini by just paying $50 extra.

When DJI mini details got leaked earlier fans of DJI sure are expecting these feature upgrades. And DJI doesn’t disappoint them in any way and executed their plan well.