Nokia launches new 4K streaming box to bring Android to big Screens.

Nokia launches a streaming box in Europe to bring Android to Big screens.


Now Smartphones are old inventions. This is the generation of smart television who doesn’t want their idiot box to be little smarter. Gone are the day when we are just satisfied with few channels in our Television set. Now this is smart Television era. Therefore Nokia launches streaming box to stand firm in this competition. Streaming boxes can literally turn your big television screen into android.

Features and its working :

Nokia launches streaming box in Europe
Nokia launches streaming box in Europe
  • Nokia’s streaming device will operate on Android 9.0 OS
  • This device will support google play store and Google play services like any other Android device
  • It will come with built in chrome cast  which will help you to transfer contents from your phone.
  • chrome cast will be used for remote as well in order to access the contents on your television.
  • This streaming box of Nokia offers up to 1920 x1080 HD resolutions of image.
  • Just like remote for any other streaming device ,This device’s remote will also come with hot keys.
  • However Hotkeys only for Netflix and zee5.
  • This newly launched streamer by Nokia will connect you to your smart TV through HDMI port.
  • This streamer will work on WiFi .
  • You can also use Google applications like  YouTube and Google play movies.
  • And some Google play store games can also be played .

Storage of Nokia Media streamer :

In Addition with Mali 450 GPU this device will come with storage of 1 GB RAM and upto 8 GB of internal storage.

Pricing and availability in India :

  • Nokia launches streaming box in India with Mediocre price range as cheaper products of this caliber are present in India
  • price for this device is 3,499 ₹ and it is only available on Flipkart .
  • However cheaper options like Mi TV stick is also available in market. which is priced at 2,799 ₹ giving pretty much same performance.
  • But Nokia can still beat Mi in this competition as banning of Chinese goods are going on in India.


overall Nokia streaming box is a great device but cheaper options and options like Amazon stick with more features  are also available in market.