Dwayne Johnson Tests COVID Positive along with his family

Amid this chaos, another star tests positive for COVID-19. On Wednesday Dwayne Johnson tests COVID positive. It is not only The Rock who tested positive but he revealed that his whole family has contracted the virus.  Dwayne who is 48 years old told his fans on Instagram that his wife Lauren and his two cute daughters Jasmine and Tiana all contracted the virus from a family friend.

“I wanted to give you guys a little helpful update on things that have been going on on my end for the past two-and-a-half to three weeks now. So the update is this: my wife Lauren as well as my two baby girls and myself, we have all tested positive for COVID-19,” Johnson

The news that Dwayne Johnson tests COVID positive has devastated fans. Nobody was expecting The Rock to catch this virus. In the video, Dwayne had said that his daughters had bounced back quickly from the virus but he and his wife were pretty unwell.

It seems the virus affects children quite differently than Adults. Though it’s not clear how exactly it affects the children. But there have been fewer cases in children as well as lower hospitalization rates for them according to Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. Thanking fully though they are not contagious now and feel better too. We too are grateful that all his family has bounced back strongly from this virus.

Dwayne Johnson tests Covid Positive
Dwayne’s Wife and Daughters

These are tough times for everyone in the world and upon that hearing that your idols like Dwayne test COVID Positive just lowers your spirit.  But Dwayne doesn’t want you to feel that way. That is the reason why he shared an 11-minute video on Instagram. In it, he talks about the difficulties of facing the virus but he also says how fighting through this virus had brought his family closer than before.  Dwayne and his wife Lauren had just celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary in August. While the star met his wife back in 2006 they started dating a year after that in 2007.

But I am happy to tell you guys that we as a family are good. We’re on the other end of it, we’re on the other side. We’re no longer contagious, and we are — thank God — we are healthy.” Dwayne Johnson.

Dwayne also has a beautiful 19-year-old daughter from his last marriage.  In his video, he also advises his fans to practice caution and wear masks to stay healthy. We will also give you the same advice folks. Since there is no cure yet, precaution is our only chance at staying away from the virus.

What are you guys doing to fight this virus? Comment below.

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