Nik celebrates 25 year anniversary with 25 new presets. If you are familiar with the term photo editing you have definitely heard of  Nik and DxO. Nik collection got a 3.3 version update. Launching 25 presets for great results while using any photo editing tool Nik is compatible with.

What is Nik presets :

Preset are individual filters use in photo editing.  Nik presets are solely plugins which you have to buy or install for free to use with different photo editing apps and tools. This allows users to add different effects like brightness, Resolution is an added advantage of the purchase.
Nik collection helps to edit tools to adjust the changes in their image. Because of Nik preset user adds and maintain image exposure as well.

What are the new 25 presets:

Nik celebrates  25 year anniversary with this 25 preset. Definitely, they have to be the best of all. This DxO NIK collection 3.3 launched most presets for silver Efex pro and color Efex pro.

In the new update, classic portraits, wildlife photography, street photography preset collection are there.  However classic portraits add 10 new preset for the same.  Hence making it the largest preset in the collection.  While light and bright and wildlife included 5 presets each.

All 5  street photography preset are included only in silver Efex pro.

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What are the Nik software and Nik collection:

Nik launching 25 preset celebrating 25 anniversary

Nik celebrates 25 year anniversary

  • Nik collection was developed by Nik software.
  • Thus software companies came into existence in 1995. Hence Nik celebrates  25 year anniversary.
  • Nik Collection is a photo editorial filter plug-ins for photo editing apps.
  • It includes apps like Adobe Photoshop, photoshop elements, Lightroom, etc.
  • In 2016 google Acquired Nik.

How to purchase these new presets? :

These new updates allow plugins to perform really well in any editing tool. But you can’t get this feature for free.  You have to pay  $ 79 for upgradation.  This new DxO collection is priced at 179$. But if you have purchased this plugin before 3 June 202. It is completely free.


It is compatible with Windows and macOS. Can be used in apps like photoshop Adobe etc.


This 25-anniversary celebrations with this new update and preset couldn’t get any better. Especially for Loyal users of this plugin. What are your thoughts on these launches? Because of this update, users will definitely have a great experience using this software.

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