Wonder Woman 1984 Out December 16 in cinemas ,December 25 on HBO Max.

Wonder Woman 1984 Out:

Wonder Woman 1984 Out December 16 in cinemas, December 25 on HBO Max. They delayed-release the date because of the Corona. HBO is sticking to the lucky date of Christmas for its release.  Warner Brothers have produced this movie. Gal Godot and Chris Pine in lead roles.

Wonder Woman 1984 Out
Wonder Woman 1984 Out

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Wonder Woman 1984 – Official Main Trailer

Wonder woman plot:

It’s an American film. The Dc comic’s Wonder woman is the inspiration behind the film. This movie is directed by Patty Jenkins. Princess Diana or Wonder Woman has two enemies the businessman Maxwell and the villainess Cheetah because of this they are fighting. She also has a frenemy, Barbara Minerva. Wonder woman reunites with her love interest Steve Trevor. The fans are excited.

Steve Trevor:

Chris Pine plays Steve Trevor, the wonder woman’s love interest. It’s quite strange that he has survived. Dr. Poisons henchmen had shot him in the first movie. Miraculously he is still alive. Cheetah and Maxwell also have done good work.

Wonder woman (2017):

The Wonder woman director feels Wonderwoman (1984) is the next generation but not a sequel to the 2017 movie. The story is that of Princess Diana of Themyscra (home to only women Amazon warriors). She receives a letter from Bruce Wayne to join world war I. As a result she remembers her past. She is the daughter of Hypoclypta, the queen of Amazons.


There were women-only screening in Austin for the previous movie. The men objected saying this was discriminatory for them. Critics were all praise for the Wonder Woman movie. Some even praised it to be Disney Universe’s best film.  They also were highly impressed by Gal Gadot’s performance. The critics said it was a thrilling and exciting movie. Chris Pine is also not lagging behind. Critics liked him too. It’s very difficult to get critics’ appreciation but this movie is smooth sailing.