Google Pay Adds Paid Promotions, Opens Waitlists for Bank Accounts With Citigroup.

Google Pay Adds Paid Promotions:

Google Pay Adds Paid Promotions, Opens Waitlists for Bank Accounts With Citigroup. The tech giant has redesigned its payment app and includes paid promotions. Relaunching in the next year with Citigroup and 10 institutions. Google pay can now pay to groups, look at analytics, through contactless payments.

Google Pay Adds Paid Promotions
Google Pay Adds Paid Promotions

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What is Google Pay?

It’s a payment app like PayPal, Paytm, etc. You can pay your friends, family in one go. You can pay for groups also. Do direct banking 24/7. Free money transfer Apps by Google. You can do your mobile recharge also. It’s quick and easy. Multiple cashback and rewards benefits. Multiple layers of security to have a safe transaction. Has to tie up with banks like ICICI and HDFC.

Why paid promotions?

Google will receive a small distribution fee for paid promotions. Another source of income for the tech giant. Google pay wants to give customers more control over their money because of which it has started this.

How will it work:

Transactions will not affect the ad. The customers will have a seamless experience. Google pay is in the neck-to-neck competition with other apps like pay-pal etc. Because of this, it has started with new features such as a paid promotion. It will work at restaurants, gas stations, and parking meters. Users can also redeem referral awards.

For businesses:

Use Google search for small to medium businesses, to drive traffic to their website. Millions of people use Google to search this can be tapped for business. Google pay has a new feature of pay per click for the business. As soon as a customer searches and clicks on the business website, they will get paid. Download Google pay for a better experience of paying today.