Will Smith and Janet Hubert had a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion.


Fresh Prince reunion premiered on HBO Max. This reunion sure does bring lots of memories and nostalgia. Watching this reunion viewers can’t help themselves but tweeted their response. Fans of this 30 years old sitcom were excited because of their reunion. But the main reason the fresh Prince reunion got a lot more attention than expected is the reconciliation between Actors will smith and Janet Hubert.

Will released snippets of Fresh Prince reunion on his YouTube channel:

Around a week ago will be the one who first has given us a sneak peek of this Long-awaited reunion. In this 2 minutes 24 seconds video he showed us cast talking with each other and just can’t keep that smile off their faces. While in the end revealed this can’t be completed without Janet referring Janet Hubert. Leaving the whole fresh Prince cast and audience shocked

Watch video:

After watching this video Fans started speculations will they end their fight. Is Janet coming to the reunion?

Will smith and Janet Hubert finally met !!! :

All questions were answered when Janet and will finally meet. They had one on one talk and poured their hearts out. Their heartfelt conversation address their fight. Janet also revealed that she was pregnant at that time therefore that was like a rough patch to her. They sure do had to talk a lot. After all, both are coming on good terms after 30 years.

What Happened between Janet Hubert and Will smith around 3o years ago:

Fresh Prince reunion
Fresh Prince reunion, will and Janet Hubert finally  met

When Janet departed the show in 1993 it ignited lots of speculations. Some said her pregnancy breached the contract. But Janet said in interviews that her exit from the show was planned. Lots of blame games were played. But now that everything is fine between them after the fresh Prince reunion. Fans couldn’t be happier.

Other cast members featured in fresh Prince union:

The regular cast for 6 seasons was seen in the

  • Tatyana Ali (played Ashley Banks)
  • Karyn parson ( played Hilary Banks)
  • Joseph Marcel ( played Geoffrey Butler)
  • Daphne Maxwell Reid ( played Aunt Viviana Banks after Janet Hubert’s exit)
  • Alfonso Ribeiro ( played Carlton Banks).

What do you think about this reunion of Will smith and Janet Hubert reconciliation?