Throughout our existence, we have literally consumed every last bit of Earth’s Natural Resources budget for the year 2020. This is known as the ‘overshoot day’. Till date, humanity has fought for each and every fundamental rights, say it the universal vote, racial equality, gender equality or freedom of speech. However, there is a struggle that cannot be postponed because our existence is at sake of sustainability .

This year, Earth’s overshoot day took place on August 22.

The moment when humans have used up more natural resources that the Earth can renew in next 12 months is what known as overshoot day. It is the imaginary point where humanity’s demand exceeds what can be regenerate by Earth in the current year.

We are the last of all that can make the shift towards sustainability . It is useless to have fought for so much that if in the end we do not have the most important thing. “A PLACE TO LIVE”

How to calculate :

Humanity is currently using nature 1.7 times faster than our planet’s ecosystem can regenerate. And with this pace of consumption we will need a second globe for the year 2020 to satisfy or resource consumption and absorb waste disposal. Earth overshoot day is like a report card which depicts that human are not using resources wisely. EOD is calculated by Global Footprint Network which is an International organisation to protect wildlife and reduce human impact on the environment. Basically, earth’s overshoot day is calculate by dividing Planet’s bio capacity that is the amount of ecological resources the earth is able to generate that year by Humanity’s ecological footprint that is humanity’s demand for that year and then multiply with 365 that is number of days in a year. The first time earth’s overshoot day was launched in October 2006. Last year on 29th July 2019.

Impact of COVID19 :

Taking into consideration the impact of corona-virus impact on our environment. As we move forward towards development and globalization it leads to unsustainable envionment. Common reasons behind this are excessive fishing, forest cutting and rise in carbon dioxide. Not only this, population growth is too a major cause as 8 crore 30 lakh people are adding into the world population every year. According to the research by the year 2020, the water demand will be 55% more than its availability.

Solutions to #MOVETHISDATE

It is expected that by 2050, 70 to 80% of people will be living in urban areas which includes smart city planning, urban development and integrated zoning. Next solution could be reducing the carbon footprint which is 60% in the ecological footprint. Another solution could be by reducing food demand or by increasing food items which put less pressure on environment. Reducing human population can also be a great solution to this. According to UN per family should have less than 1 child to move overshoot day by 30 days. And most importantly conserving wildlife is the solution.
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Joining hand-in-hand for the mother of our battles and helping in the stop of ecological bankruptcy. All we need to do is raise our hand #MOVETHEDATE and declare your love for the planet. Together we can move the date of the overshoot day.