My time at Portia mods

My time at Portia mods

This is going to be an article in which we cover the game My time at Portia, basic information in the game including the platforms it’s available on, its publishers and what kind of game it is. We are also going to review a list of the best time Portia mods of 2020. Find out how you can run faster, go swimming, teleport and much more by links that will be provided in this article.

My time at Portia


My Time at Portia was originally released on January 23, 2018 and is a simulation RPG game that was developed by Pathea Games and published by Team 17 Digital Limited.

It combines certain aspects of role-playing video games and stimulation games.

It takes place in a post-apocalyptic time frame in the world of Portia. This is a place where humans are scarce to find and relics of the past are scattered throughout.

The games role is to allow you as the user to moreorless build items using relics in an attempt to better the overall society.

It is available on the following platforms:

– Microsoft Windows
– Nintendo Switch
– PlayStation 4
– Xbox One

The main goal of the game is to try and grow the workshop by upgrading your tools, crafting items or even expanding your workshop and taking on commissions that are given by the citizens of Portia all while competing against other workshop builders.

Created by aedenthorn on Nexusmods, just install this mod to speed up jumping and running and replace the jetpack with a jump while you’re in the mines.

If you think that My Time at Portia plays a little bit on the slower side, then this mod should absolutely help you complete tasks way faster. It’s one of the best My Time at Portia mods in fact.

Time At Portia Gameplay –

The following is a YouTube video entitled, Time At Portia Gameplay – Getting Started Crafting a Workshop!


The main characters that are available in this video game, My time at Portia are as follows:

– Player
– Citizens
– Strangers
– Bachelors
– Bachelorettes
– Animals
– Monsters
– Elite monsters
– Bosses

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Best My Time at Portia Mods (2020)

– Run Faster
– Find More Treasure
– Break into houses
– Go swimming
– Watch TV on anything
– Dynamic Weather
– Teleport Anywhere
– Kiss anyone
– Customization Control

Best my time at Portia mods

Run Faster

If you want to run faster in this game, you can install this mod to speed up jumping and running as well as replace the jet pack with a jump while your in the mines. It was created by by aedenthorn on Nexusmods.

For more information on its requirements and how to use this mod just click this next link:

For details

Find more treasure

There is also an easy mod that can cause the Relic Scanner in the game My Time at Portia to reveal all of the treasure that’s within range at the same time.

To download and use this mod follow this link:

See all details

Break into houses

This next mod is pretty awesome as you can spy on others with it. With this mod you can keep all of the time-Locke’s doors open for 24 hours a day— being able to gain access to buildings that you normally wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

You can check out this mod at this next link which is as follows:

Detailed Info

Go Swimming

This amazing mod allows you to swim in any body of water.

Check out this mod with the link below:


Watch TV on anything

This may be a strange thing to with this mod, but it makes it very easy and possible to watch a video, movie or even your favorite YouTube video with this mod.

Check out or download this mod with the following link:

See details

Dynamic Weather

In the game My Time at Portia the weather is normally set at morning and remains that way throughout the day— if you would like to add more life-like scenarios into the game try downloading this next mod and gain access to various kinds of weather regardless of the actual season.


Teleport Anywhere

The following mod allows you to literally teleport to any other location on the world map simply by holding down the left shift key and right clicking on the map with the mouse.

You can check this cool mod out by installing it by clicking this link below:


Kiss anyone

In the game, My Time at Portia you normally aren’t allowed to just give someone a kiss, hug or smooch. But by downloading this next mod you can do so easily with just the press of a key.

Download this amazing mod with following the link below:


Customization Control

Finally, this next amazing mod allows you to change your pants whether outside or in the mines— by using this mod you will then be able to customize your character from any location in this game.

You can check out more information and download this mod by following the link below:

Download Links


My time at Portia has also had some rather amazing reviews and customers have given it the following ratings on the listed sites as a recommended game to play or try out.

Audience rating gives it a 4.1 out of 5 on its reviews
Games radar gives it a 4.5 out of 5 on its reviews
Steam rates it as a 9/10 on its site gives the game an 8/10

Audience reviews

This game is so warm, inviting, and super immersive. It feels like a storybook to me, a cozy and nostalgic-inducing world that I look forward to returning to.

A lot of people are hesitant to say it, but if given the choice between Stardew Valley or My Time at Portia, I’d choose the latter.

It’s not a 100% polished game, but it’s flaws do not hinder its charm in any significant way. I wholeheartedly recommended the game as one won’t find anything else to match its unique quaintness. (By the way, I play on a PC, and it plays quite well for me)— Scotty B on audience reviews

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